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Q: What was Wagners last opera called?
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What is Richard Wagners four-opera cycle called?

It is called The Ring Cycle, or Der Ring des Nibelungen.

What was wagners conception of opera known as?

Music Drama

What is the last act of an opera called?


What is the last song in an opera called?

There is no name for it. However the ending of an opera is usually referred to as the finale of the opera.

What was Mozart's last opera called?

The Magic Flute

Who is Siegmund in Wagners opera die Walkure?

Siegmund, whose name means "victory protector or shield, is Sieglinde's brother and lover

Is jack Wagner related to Robert Wagner?

no my last name is Wagner their are many wagners out there.

When was The Last Supper - opera - created?

The Last Supper - opera - was created in 2000.

What has the author Petra-Hildegard Wilberg written?

Petra-Hildegard Wilberg has written: 'Richard Wagners mythische Welt' -- subject(s): Opera, Music and mythology

What are opera glasses called?

They are called "opera glasses"

What is opera called?

In almost every language it is called opera.

What is an opera solo called?

An opera solo is called an aria.

What are the lyrics of an opera called?

The lyrics of an opera are called the "libretto."

Why is opera called opera?

Opera is the Italian word for "work".

Italian comic opera was called?

Opera buffa

What is Richard Strauss' last opera?

Des Esels Schatten was his last, although it was left incomplete after his death. His last completed opera is Capriccio.

Why is the sydney opera house called the sydney opera house?

the sydney opera house is called the sydney opera house because opera is song in the building and because of its great views.

What language are Wagners operas in?


What did the royal opera house used to be called?

It was called the Opera Populaire in the 1880's.

Is the an opera called ''latte''?

A quick search does not reveal such an opera.

How do you solve the opera House mystery on stardoll?

Hi, The opera mystery is "4 keys reveal the opera chamber" I found it out before the last 5 letters in the last word :)

Was there a soap opera called 'soap' in the sixties?

Yes there was a soap opera called soap in the sixties.

What do they call a writer of the text of opera?

The text of an opera is called the libretto and the writer is called a librettist.

Richard Wagners major work is a four-opera cycle called?

This set of operas is called The Ring Cycle and is composed of these individual titles:Das Rheingold (The Rhinegold)Die Walküre (The Valkyrie)SiegfriedGötterdämmerung (The Twilight of the Gods) The collective title is Der Ring des Nibelungen, The Ring of the Nibelung.Thanks to Wikipedia for these German and English titles.

What is Hannah Wagners middle name?