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1. There were fossils found on different sides of continents, that were the same.

2. If you put all the continents together they fit like puzzle pices in a puzzle.

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Q: What was Wegener's evidence that Pangaea once existed?
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What evidence may be called to prove that there once existed a super continent called Pangaea?

there was evidence of Pangaea because south America and Africa fit together as a puzzle and there are two of the same fossils are found in that continent

What is the giant supercontinent that once existed?

Pangaea Supercontinent

What is wegeners theory of plate tectonics?

It was called Pangaea. His theory was that once all the countries were a big puzzle and and the contents were one big county.

Many scientists believe a giant supercontinent once existed called?


According to the continental drift theory a single huge continent once existed that was called . Pangaea Panthalassa Wegener Eurasia?


What is the name give to describe the single huge continent that scientists believe once existed?


What is wegeners evidence that Pangaea once existed?

He had evidence from Climate- because fossils of plants forming in places without the ideal temperature were found and the same plants found at another place with the right temperature. Fossils- fossils of the reptiles mesosaurus and lystrosaurus found on continents separated by ocean and neither could swim that great of a distance in salt water, and Land Features- Mountain ranges in south America match up with the mountain ranges in Africa, like a jigsaw- puzzle Hope this helps :)

According to the continental drift theory a single huge continent once existed is called what?

The supercontinent was called Pangea.

How did geographers know that the first landmass on earth was called Pangaea?

Pangaea was not the first land mass It formed when the continents came together about 300 million years ago. Scientists know that there was once a single landmass based on evidence from ancient climates, fossils, rock formations found across oceans, and the behavior of tectonic plates. Scientists came up with the name Pangaea, which means "all land" in Greek, they did not discover it. Back when the continent we call Pangaea existed there were no people and thus no names.

Why is the existence of Pangaea a belief rather than a fact?

The preponderance of physical evidence supports the concept that all the continents were once united in a single land mass. This makes Pangaea more of a fact than a belief.

What showed proof for Alfred Wegener on Pangaea?

We know Pangaea existed because of fossil evidence. There were fossils of the same animal found on Africa and South America. This animal couldn't have possibly swam across the ocean. Therefore, making the idea of Pangaea plausible.

What are facts about Pangaea?

pangaea is a large landmass or supercontinent from ling ago.Pangaea may form whole once again, but unfortunately not in our lifetime.ALfred Wegener presented his theory on continental drift, and called the landmass pangaea which is also a greek termpangaea is a large landmass or supercontinent