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Invented the seismograph

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Q: What was Wu Di's contributions to the Han society?
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What contributions did Emperor Wu make to the growth of bureaucracy and the growth of the Han empire?


What was Wu Di's contribution to the Han society?

Invented the seismograph

Where was Emperor Wu of Han born?

Emperor Wu of Han was born in Chang'an, Han Empire

When was Han Wu Da Di created?

Han Wu Da Di was created in 2005.

When did Wu Han - PRC - die?

Wu Han - PRC - died on 1969-10-11.

When was Wu Han - PRC - born?

Wu Han - PRC - was born on 1909-08-11.

When did Emperor Wu of Han die?

Emperor Wu of Han died on -87-03-29.

When was Emperor Wu of Han born?

Emperor Wu of Han was born on -156-08-10.

When was Wu Han - pianist - born?

Wu Han - pianist - was born on 1959-02-19.

What is the duration of Han Wu Da Di?

The duration of Han Wu Da Di is 2700.0 seconds.

The best known ruler of the Han Dynasty was?

Wu Ti

What has the author Han-Chin Wu written?

Han-Chin Wu has written: 'Continuum mechanics and plasticity' -- subject(s): Continuum mechanics, Plasticity