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Q: What was a gm5.7lg sgi 10243880 install in?
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When was SGI Dogfight created?

SGI Dogfight was created in 1983.

When was SGI Fuel created?

SGI Fuel was created in 2002.

When did SGI Dogfight happen?

SGI Dogfight happened in 1983.

When did Jim Clark leave Silicon Graphics?

SGI executives considered Clark's ideas dangerous and destructive to the future viability of SGI and wanted no part of them. Frustrated and angry, Clark sold out his remaining interest in SGI and left the company in 1994.

What was stock MIPS worth when spin off from Silicon graphics?

The following is regarding MIPS spin-off from SGI in June 2000. The MIPS cost basis is 57% of original SGI cost basis. Likewise the SGI basis is 43% of original SGI cost basis. In the spin-off, an owner of 1 share of SGI received 0.13858 of MIPS. Fractional shares of MIPS were settled in tax year 2000. I found this information in my year 2000 tax folder.

What is the market cap for Silicon Graphics International Corp SGI?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Silicon Graphics International Corp (SGI) is $312,394,692.40.

How can one find information about the SGI-USA organization?

An individual can learn about the SGI-USA organization through their website, which is simply SGI-USA located at its generic top level domain. This website gives background of the organization and lists tips on how to begin this practice.

What size motor has block casting numbers 10243880?

It's a 95-00 350.

Where can I locate casting number description for 10243880 on my 350 Chevy motor?


What did the 5.7 lg sgi 14093638 come out of?

87 camaro

What year is my Chevy 350 vortec motor with serial 10243880?

it is a 96/00 model

Did DreamWorks company uses unix operating system?

I know that at one point Dreamworks had a lot of SGI machines, which were running Irix, the SGI flavor of Unix. I'm not certain what they use now.