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The importance of education in daily life is very essential to develop skills and competencies, which when implemented in day to day life and improves the quality of life of an individual, a society and a country. Thus the key to any successful civilization is the imparting of quality education to its citizens to be able to lead an independent and quality life. The ancient Greek civilization also believed in educating their citizens for the betterment of their society and the lives of the citizens. Education, art and culture brought about growth in the economy of the Aegean world. The education in most city-states was different though it was stressed on boys more than girls. The differences between the cultures of the city-states led to the way children were treated, had effect on their education and also affected the type of citizen produced.

As a coastal city-state, Corinth had a glorious history as a cultural and trade centre. In Corinth schools were not as fine, perhaps, as those of Athens. The boys were educated in the arts and sciences. As a child, kids were taught at home. From age 7-14 boys attended school were they studied literature, culture, art and economics. Boys attended a higher school if their parents could afford it, but all boys went to military schools for at least two years, because trade flourished in Corinth, and businesses thrived and thus Corinth was a highly respected city-state in the Aegean world. Men were good with money and to solve the problem of the educated unemployed they generated huge and successful public works program. This gave people work which had a huge positive impact on the success of their society. Since they were good with money they had solved the problem of foreign money pouring into their polis, the government of Corinth created their own coinage and forced traders to exchange their coins for Corinth's coinage, for a fee.

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Q: What was ancient corinth education like?
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