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The closing price on the Dow on December 31, 2008 was 8,776.39.

The Dow Jones closed at 8,776.39 on December 31, 2008.

If you own the stock, it is good to have a high closing price. If you are short the stock or trying to buy the stock, then a low closing price.

You can find historical prices by starting at Yahoo finance: Enter the symbol, ^RUT for the Russell 2000, in the quote box and click "Get quotes" When the quote appears, click on the "Historical Prices" link at the left of the page. On the historical prices page, enter a range of dates covering the day/period of interest and click "Get Prices" A list of prices on the days of interest is produced along with open, high and low prices. The Russell closed at 499.45 on Dec. 31, 2008.

Closing price (Last). The final price of JLJ stock for the day.

The opening price is the price it is at the opening bell; the closing price is what it was at when the exchange closed

The general price index is an economic measure. Determine the general price index percentage of change for the period. Multiply this percentage by 100.

The closing price of a stock is the price that the final trade for a stock during the standard market hours was made.

The closing price of a stock is how much a stock is worth after a specific day of trading.

The consumer price index is used as an estimate of the amount of inflation.

Cost price (Purchase price) or market price whichever is less that would be taken as Closing Stock

Final price index = 140 Initial price index = 125 Therefore, difference in price index between period 3 and 4 is : 140 - 125 = 15 Lastly, 15/125 * 100 = 12%

"Closing number?" Closing price is the last price that the stock traded before the closing bell. Closing number could be the amount of shares that traded that day? Not quite clear on the question.

If the price index is $225 that means that the item or items in question averages about $225 for price. This can measure one item or a group of items. Price index is the average cost on the market for items.

When the consumer price index rises the typical family has to spend more money. The price index will directly affect the cost of living for a family.

As of December 31, 2008: $97.6 billion (based on the closing price and number of shares issued and outstanding at December 31, 2008 - $54.77 and 1,782 million respectively.

The closing price of the Dow Jones Industrials Average on 12/31/2007 was 13,264.82

The lowest closing price for the Dow in 2008 was 7,552.29 on November 20th.

AnswerThe geometric mean of Laspeyre's and Paasche's price indices is called Fisher's price index.

Yes, the Dow Jones Industrial Index is a price weighted index.

$23.02 was closing price on March 10, 2009. After adj. for dividends and splits, the closing price was $22.28.

Consumer price index is a way to measure the averages of prices of consumer goods and services. It is calculated by taking price changes of items or goods and averaging them. Consumer price index is used to assess price changes associated with the cost of living.

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