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a new definition of crimes were created and new laws to treat them

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Could the Germans have done anything to prevent the holocaust?

yes, but as they did not know that the Holocaust was going to happen, the question is moot.

How can we prevent another Holocaust?

Lean from the history of the last one and be vigilant.

How can you prevent another Holocaust in the future?

we can prevent another holocaust by not getting into hatred, not discriminating or being racist. If the Nazis realized everyone was equeal there wouldn't have been a first holocaust. And if we learn at an early age about how Hitler and the Nazi regime hated on Jews, maybe it will teach kids a lesson on how not to descriminate, be racist, or anything like that.

How did others prevent the Holocaust?

no one prevented the Holocaust, it happened.

How did some people try to prevent the Holocaust?

Some people helped individuals during the Holocaust. Nobody tried to 'prevent the Holocaust' - even the Allies did not try to do that.

Why is it vital to teach future generations about the Holocaust?

To prevent it's recurrence. By books and another types of information in were you can find more info about the holocaust the next generations can analyze and help the future. By this methods the next generations will help to prevent this event.

What can people do th prevent another Holocaust?

Don't let problems arise to the Intl. level and let the U.N do something.

What has been done to prevent another thredbo landslide?

what has been done to stop more thredbo landslides from happening

What could society have done to prevent the Holocaust?

Enforced the treaty of Versailles following the end of WWI http://history.sandiego.edu/gen/text/versaillestreaty/vercontents.html

How does the US Constitution prevent things like the holocaust from happening again?

The US constitution pre-dated the Holocaust by about 150 years, it did not prevent the Holocaust happening the first time. The Holocaust happened very far away from the USA, whether the US even had a constitution was totally irrelevant.

What does the Holocaust mean to you?

The holocaust to me is the most evil thing ever done in the history of mankind

What were some prevention method to prevent going into the Holocaust?

just don't read the book, or don't watch the film. It is easy to prevent yourself from going into the Holocaust if you so wish.

What can you do about the Holocaust?

absolutely nothing. the holocaust is done and over with, so we don't need to worry about it now

What must be done to prevent porosity in welding?

what must be done to prevent this from happening

Why did they give Jews haircut holocaust?

To prevent lice from being brought into the camp. The Nazi's wanted to prevent typhus.

What has been done to support the Holocaust denial?

America fought Germany for the end of the Holocaust, you can learn more if you research more about the Holocaust end and WW2.

What could the American media have done to prevent the holocaust?

Nothing, they knew nothing of the plans of the Nazis and the few that had some idea were in denial that any country could consider any such thing.

Which metal could be used to coat another metal to protect it from corrosion?

Tin could be used to coat another metal. It is done to prevent corrosion.

Are the gas chambers now like the ones they used in the holocaust?

In the Holocaust most of the gassing was done on an "industrial" basis.

What may you do to prevent an incident like the holocaust?

nothing. It was not in incident, it was far larger.

Will there be another Holocaust?

its a question people are thinking about there are a lot of anti semites out there my opinion no there will not be anothere holocaust

Will there be a second Holocaust?

God, I hope not. but nobady knows for sure

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