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Nothing was done until the U.S. was drawn into WWII. At that point, the Allies slowly destroyed the Axis powers and eventually marched across Germany. The end of the Holocaust was a bye-product of the Allied victory. None of the Allies did anything specifically aimed at stopping the Holocaust. The U.S. and Britain didn't want to know about the Holocaust. That said, there was no "miracle solution". However, they could have tried to bomb the railways near the extermination camps and could have asked resistance groups to give a high priority to disrupting the Holocaust, for example by stopping trains on their way to Auschwitz and other camps and freeing the prisoners. In reality, stopping the Holocaust didn't figure anywhere on any of the Allies' priorities. Auschwitz III (Monowitz) was bombed by the USAAF because it was producing chemicals, not because of its role in the Holocaust.

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Q: What was done to stop the Holocaust?
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What could have been done to stop the Holocaust?

Please see the related questions.

What could the United states And other countries have done before the war to stop the holocaust?

No one knew that the Holocaust would happen, not even those in charge of it.

Why didn't anyone do anything about the Holocaust?

They were afraid to go and stop because they thought that they could get caught up in the the Holocaust that is why they did not stop the holocaust form happening.

How do you stop a holocaust?

You can't.

What did countries do to try and stop the holocaust?

no one tried to stop the Holocaust, some countries refused to cooperate, but that was the extent.

What was Rudolf Hess role in the Holocaust?

i think he need to stop doing what he doing because nobody probably don't know why he did what done

Why was the US unable to stop the holocaust?

Had the US tried to stop the Holocaust it would have found itself unable to because the Holocaust occurred on a different continent in a country that the US was at war with.

Should the Holocaust have been prevented?

It is hard to see exactly what could have been done to stop it. Please also see the related question.

What does the Holocaust mean to you?

The holocaust to me is the most evil thing ever done in the history of mankind

What should the US have done to help stop the Holocaust?

One cannot say seventy years later what should have happened: The US did what it could at the time.

What could the US and other country's have done before the war to stop the holocaust?

Nothing. No one knew that it was coming, not even the Germans, or Hitler himself.

What can you do about the Holocaust?

absolutely nothing. the holocaust is done and over with, so we don't need to worry about it now

How did Anne Frank stop the Holocaust?

Anne Frank didn't stop the Holocaust. She just made a diary on the thing. The Allies stopped the Holocaust. Anne Frank was just a teenager during the Holocaust. She could not have stopped it. The above answer is correct. See link below for more information.

How was the Holocaust the fault of the US?

The Holocaust was not the fault of the US! It is sometimes said that the US and their Allies did not do much (or anything) to stop the Holocaust. See the related question.

What has been done to support the Holocaust denial?

America fought Germany for the end of the Holocaust, you can learn more if you research more about the Holocaust end and WW2.

What did the allies do to stop the holocaust?

went to war with Germany

What year did the US try and stop the Holocaust?


When did they stop denying the holocaust?

December 21 2012

Was there a way to stop the holocaust?

yes, it was by no means inevitable

who done experiments on holocaust victims?

Nazi Germany.

What did the US do to stop the Holocaust during World War 2?

None of the Allies did anything specifically tarageting the Holocaust.

Could the Germans have done anything to prevent the holocaust?

yes, but as they did not know that the Holocaust was going to happen, the question is moot.

Are the gas chambers now like the ones they used in the holocaust?

In the Holocaust most of the gassing was done on an "industrial" basis.

How did the Holocaust in Germany stop?

The Allied forces defeated Germany.

How long did it take the US to stop the holocaust?

4 years.