What was education like in the 1950's?

Education in the 1950's expanded from previous decades. They no longer focused purely on reading, writing and arithmetic. History and science became a main part of the cirriculum. Also, enrollment skyrocketed as the baby-boomers began enrolling in elementary school. One interesting thing that categorized this generation was the presence of fallout tests. Schools would require the students to go through a fake atomic bomb attack in which they would hide under their desks (which was completely pointless in protecting them from radiation, it was more of an emotional security for the parents and teachers, but scared the hell out of the students). Socially, children were taught to conform and to be normal. Standing out or questioning authority was bad. Sex was taught, though minimally. They explained the penis and vagina. Sexually transmitted diseases were focused on greatly so as to "scare" the students out of premarital sex.