Roman Empire

What was greco-roman art influenced all?


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Ancient Egyptian tomb builders

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The Renaissance influenced architecture and art.

Roman art and literature were influenced by the Greeks

im am pretty sure that Greek art was influenced by Egyption art

How has technology influenced art in the past century?"

His way of repeatedly finding new expressions in art has influenced all the generations after him.

it has influenced art bla bla bla bla

what civilization greatly influenced roman art

"No man has changed more radically the nature of art. He stands at the beginning of a new epoch." This means that Picasso directly or indirectly influenced all art in the 20th century.

The traditional African religion influenced most African art, but Christianity influenced Ethiopian art.

it influenced his art because he loved to draw creative things he liked a challenge

Impressionism influenced him, and he influenced Expressionism.

Japanese Art has been influenced by many countries, but most notable was China.

It seems he was not. The non-European art that influenced him was Japanese painting.

Constantinople influenced by the art and ways of worship

The time period of the renaissance was influenced by u24wufbnwi'ch93h2f

All of themAnswer 2:Picasso's influence on 20th century art is enormous.All young artists were conscious of the different aspects of Picasso's art. Directly or indirectly, consciously or not, the following generations were influenced by him.

Byzantine art evolved from early Christan art, particularly that of the eastern part of the Roman Empire which, in turn, was influenced by Greek and Roman art.

Confucianism,Taoism and Buddhism.. That's all

He had no influence on African art. But he was influenced by African art.

technological breakthroughs or discoveries that influenced art from 1800 to 1945

He was influenced by the Italian Art and his apprentice Francisco Pacheco's

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