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He worked as a stable boy at the inn.

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Q: What was his job at the inn highwayman?
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Why has the highwayman rode to the inn?

The highwayman rode to the inn to meet bess

Why King George's men came to the inn highwayman poem?

In the poem "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes, King George's redcoats came to the inn to ambush the highwayman because he was a wanted criminal. They were looking to capture him and end his criminal activities.

Why did the highwayman ride to the inn?

a girl got killed and highwayman brought revenge because he loved her

Is the highwayman supernatural?

In the poem, the Highwayman, Bess and the highwayman are both killed. At the end of the poem, however, it tells of the legend that the ghost of the highway man comes to the inn where the ghost of Bess waits for him. Therefore, in this sense, the Highwayman is supernatural.

Who was Tim the osler from the highwayman?

In the poem "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes, Tim the ostler worked at the inn where the highwayman's lover, Bess, was staying. Tim betrayed the highwayman by alerting the authorities about his planned robbery, leading to the tragic events that followed.

Where s the highwayman set?

The Highwayman set is located in Devonshire, England at a place called the "Old Coaching Inn". This location serves as the backdrop for the famous narrative poem "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes.

What is the climax in the highwayman?

The climax in "The Highwayman" occurs when the highwayman reaches the inn and is shot by the king's men while trying to warn his lover, Bess. This moment is intense and pivotal in the story as it reveals the tragic outcome of their love story.

What dose stirrups mean form the highwayman?

Stirrups" refers to the straps or loops that are hung from the sides of a horse's saddle and that a rider puts their feet into for support and stability while riding. In the context of the poem "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes, the line "The highwayman came riding— / Riding—riding— / The highwayman came riding, up to the old inn-door" refers to the image of a man on horseback, with his feet in the stirrups, arriving at an inn.

Where does the story take place in the highwayman?

The story "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes is set in England during the 18th century. It takes place around the countryside near an old inn where the highwayman meets his love, Bess, and meets his tragic fate.

How did the soldiers know that the highwayman would return to the inn?

Because they knew he had to come back and get Bess.

What did the highwayman and bess do?

The highwayman and Bess were lovers who planned to rob an innkeeper together. The highwayman was shot and killed during the robbery attempt, while Bess, upon hearing the gunshot, took her own life to warn the highwayman of the danger.

How would you paraphrase The Highwayman?

Stanza 1 This stanza tells about the setting of the poem. The setting is dark, windy and cloudy. The highwayman is riding up to the inn. Stanza 2 The appearance of the highwayman is described. The man was well dressed and was perhaps a gentleman. Stanza 3 The highwayman was going to visit Bess, the landlord's daughter. Stanza 4 The highwayman is going to rob someone, but Tim the ostler is listening. Both Tim and the highwayman love Bess. Stanza 5 Before the highwayman leaves he smells Bess' perfume and thinks about how much he loves her. Stanza 6 King George's men went to the inn. The highwayman did not go to the inn. They probably went to the inn because Tim told them. Stanza 7 King George's men gagged and tied Bess. The men were holding muskets while waiting for the highwayman. Stanza 8 Bess has a musket pointed at her and the king's men are making jokes at her. Stanza 9 Bess is trying to free herself and she is able to touch the trigger of the musket. Stanza 10 Bess looks out the window and does not see the highwayman. The road is bare. Bess wanted to warn the highwayman that the king's men were at the inn. Stanza 11 The highwayman is beginning to get closer to the inn and the footsteps of the horse are heard. Stanza 12 Bess has died because she was trying to warn the highwayman. Stanza 13 At dawn the highwayman hears that Bess has died and had killed herself because she was trying to wait for him to warn him about the king's men. Stanza 14 The highwayman was going back to the inn. He was enraged that the men had killed Bess. When he got back to the inn, he got shot and died. Stanza 15 Sometimes on a winter night, the highwayman (ghost) can be heard riding to the inn. Stanza 16 The highwayman (ghost) was whistling a tune to the window so that Bess (ghost) would meet him.