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Hunting among the Cheyenne was exactly the same as among all other tribes of the Great Plains. They were dependent entirely on horses for transport and to follow and hunt the migrating herds (as well as for warfare) - without horses all natives attempting to live among the grasslands would quickly starve.

Game animals were mainly deer, antelope and buffalo (bison), with elk and bighorn sheep featuring less frequently. In times of hardship other, smaller animals might be hunted.

Boys were taught from a very early age to harden their bodies by swimming in near-frozen creeks, to attain quick reactions by catching butterflies and to be able to run fast, as well as tracking, lighting fires, making bows and arrows and various other life skills.

Specific horses were chosen as "buffalo runners" - those that were nervous, frightened of the buffalo or difficult to control were never used in this way. The horse must be controlled entirely with the legs, since both hands were needed for the bow and arrows; it must instinctively run close to the right side of the buffalo, keeping behind its front legs and well away from the lethal horns, so that the hunter could send his arrows slightly forwards and up beneath the buffalo's ribs (hoping to penetrate heart or lungs).

Hunting buffalo was always an extremely dangerous matter, even mounted on the best horse since it might trip or veer off course, leading to a grizzly death under the hooves of the prey, or a buffalo horn in the chest.

Women and girls followed the trail of dead buffalo, identifying those killed by their own menfolk from the colours painted on the arrowshafts. It was their task to skin and butcher the animals, using horses and ropes to turn the corpses once one side of the animal was processed. The meat would be wrapped in the fresh hide, tied in a neat package and placed on a travois for transporting back to camp.

Some of the meat would be eaten immediately, most would be sun-dried on racks to preserve it.

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Mostly deer and buffalo but they used big weapons for big animals and little weapons for smaller animals.

The Cheyenne Indians hunted buffallos, and deers

Cheyenne first hunted deer and later when they moved out of the plains, they became buffalo hunters.
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They hunted Buffola and road on wild horses

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Q: What was hunting like in the Cheyenne tribe?
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