Nazi Concentration Camps

What was it like in the concentration camps on the holocaust?


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Life in the camps was pretty good, especially as concentration camps go...certainly much better than the American camps that held the Japanese!

The food rations were adequate, and many of the camps had a variety of activities to entertain the inmates. They had movies, live theater/vaudeville, orchestras, soccer leagues, swimming pools, cantinas, brothels, a post office, and their own currency.

It was only near the end of the war, when the allies bombed the rail supply lines, that life in the camps became brutal...very little food, medicine, etc., and many inmates died of malnutrition/starvation and typhus...BUT NOT ONE INMATE DIED FROM GASSING OR STEAMING, as there was NO Nazi extermination policy!

The holocaust is a BIG, FKN LIE!