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What was it like to be removed from ones home and sent to a concentration camp?

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Obviously, it was absolute hell. The process was a prolonged attack on the **whole person** of each victim. Please bear in mind that before being sent to a camp many victims had been forced to live for several months of longer in ghettos where they didn't have enough to eat. Then there was the rail journey in enclosed cattle trucks (rather like box cars) to the camps. In many cases it was a very long journey indeed, without food and often without anything to drink. So it began ... I hope this gives you some idea. Joncey

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What was it like in dachau concentration camp?

Dachau was an ordinary concentration camp.

What was Belgium concentration camp like?

There was no concentration camp called "Belgium". There were, however, concentration camps in Belgium.

What was it like in a concentration camp?

It was a gas

What was it like to live in a concentration camp?


What is concentration camp like for Jews?


Were you sent to some hostel like concentration camp?


What is aConcentration camp?

A concentration camp is a camp where the Jewish people were sent to when they were called. The camp had very bad conditions and as Jews were considered outlaws they were treated badly. Over 1000 people died in concentration camps all over Europe. People were even gassed to death at concentration generically a concentration camp was like a prison

What was the first concentration camp name?

Dachau was the first permanent concentration camp. There was another one that was the first place they put prisoners but it WA not an official concentration camp, more like a collecting place until Dachau was built.

What was it like in a concentration camp for the Jews?

The Jews were sometimes tortured and their conditions in the camp were very poor.

What was the concentration camp like that margot frank went to?

It sucked.

What type of camp was Auschwitz-Birkenau?

It was an concentration camp but it was very strict and a lot of deaths like an extermination camp with a bit of Laboring in the camp.

What did you do at majdanek concentration camp in Poland?

Like at any other concentration camps Physcial labour and killing

What was it like in the concentration camp for Anne Frank?

they were scared and frighted and they were traumatosed

What is the condition in a concentration camp like?

As time progressed conditions worsened.

Was Hitler in the concentration camp?

No, Hitler never went into the Concentration Camps because, he could have caught diseases like Typhus which were common in Concentration Camps.

What were the living conditions like in a concentration camp?

dirty horible cold and harsh.

What were the tattoos like Auschwitz concentration camp?

The tattoos consisted of a letter and a number.

What was Terezin like before the Nazis turned it into a concentration camp?

it was a military fortess

Where was peter van daan put after captured?

in a concentration camp like everyonelse

Were there gas chambers in the death camp of Dachau?

No. Dachau was an 'ordinary' concentration camp (forced labour camp with extremely harsh conditions). It was not an extermination camp like Treblinka or Auschwitz II.

How are the concentration camps different from the Japanese internment camp?

internment camps they just made them live in like a gehtoo and the concentration camps the like tried to kill them.

Where is Westerbork?

Westerbork in Holland was a holding camp for Jews before they were transferred to a permanent concentration camp like Auscswitz or Bergen-Belsen.

Did Anne Frank like the Nazis?

she did not like the nazis because they were taking all her friends to the concentration camp

Who ran camp buchenwald?

Like all Nazi concentration camps, it was run by the SS.

What is the difference between an internment camp and a concentration camp?

A concentration camp is a prison camp for the detention of aliens, members of ethnic minorties, poltical opponents, etc. like the Germans condemned the Jews and other minorities to during WWII. An internment camp is a prison camp for the imprisonment of enemies such as POW's like the Americans had for the JAPANESE-AMERICAN RESIDENTS during WWII. the only difference is that internment camps are for prisoners of war and concentration camps are for minorities that you are not technically at war with. The U.S. was at war with Japan; Hitler was not at war with the Jews.

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