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Depending on who you were it was good or bad. If you were a slave things were pretty tough. If you were a slave owner then you were fairly comfortable financially , you had people to work for your for free and could sell their children at anytime to earn more income.

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What was colonial life like in the south?

colonial life was like a stopid country

What was slavery like in the north?

not as harsh as it was in the south. they did not have to work for life like saves in the south had to.

What was life like in the south before the Civil War?

Life in the south was pure slavery for African Americans and if they tried to escape they'd be tortured like this answer

What life was like in the south after slavery?

Great, but the south didnt fight for slavery

What was life like in South Carolina?

very beautiful

What was life in the North like?

A lot different from the South.

What was life like in the South After the Civil War?


What was life like before the depression?

Life in the South for the upper middle class was carefree

What was life like in the south?

Since tobacco was a big hit south was rich and lots of slavery.

What was life in the south like during the civil war?

it was crazy

What was L frank Baum life like in South Dakota?


What was life like in the south from 1800-1860?

Life in the South depended on the individual during the 1800s. Slaves had a very hard life while plantation owners were living the great life.

What was life like on the plantations in the south?

LIfe was hard. so pretty much the same as it is now

What was the life like in spanish settlements in the Caribbean and south America?


What was life like in the deep south in 1935 America?

Strongly prejudice.

What was life like for whites in the South in the 1930's?

There life was better then the blacks. Its like today there alot a rascism with the Blacks espically.

What is life like for children in South Africa?

This is a difficult question to answer as children in South Africa does not represent a homogenous group since South Africa is one of the most unequal countries in the world. Therefore, there is a huge difference in what the life for different children in South Africa is like. For some children life is great, carefree and safe, for others it is the exact opposite. South Africa is a signatory to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, but sadly, life is still very difficult for the majority of South Africa's children.

What was life like after the civil war for freedmen in the south?

somewhat like there lives before they were freed... Apex:)

What was life like for many freedmen in the South after the Civil War?

somewhat like there lives before they were freed

What was South Carolina's colony daily life like?

the daily life in Carolina's colony was that they farmed, cooked, and hunted

What was life like for free african americans in the south?

They would do stuff. Sometimes.

Where was slavery the harshest?

Slavery was harsh throughout the South. It was particularly prevalent as a way of life in the Deep South; in states like Virginia, Georgia, and South Carolina.

What was stone age life like before farming?

It was a hunter gatherer life, very much like that lived today by Amazonian natives or South African bushmen.

What was life like for freedmen and poor whites during Reconstruction?

What would it be like to live in the south as a freedman during Reconstruction?

What was the culture like the Vietnam war?

South Vietnam was an agriculture based society (a farming life).

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