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President Lincoln's main message was to raise the morale of the soldiers fighting the civil war and honor the deceased soldiers of the Union. With this message, he urged the soldiers of the Union to keep strong, and to strive for victory. While speaking of the soldiers' bravery, Lincoln was actually speaking to the entire nation, both North and South. His words beckoned the American people to preserve the nation that had been created "four score and seven years ago...". He wanted all of the American people to realize that preserving the Union would be a difficult task, but in honor of the men who fought and died there this should be done.

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Q: What was lincolns message in the Gettysburg address?
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Where was lincolns famous speech?

His famous speech was in Gettysburg (The Gettysburg Address).

How does president Lincolns second inaugural address differ from his Gettysburg address?

in the Gettysburg Address, saving the union is the purpose of the war

The Emancipation Proclamation was most directly part of the context for who?

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

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Gettysburg Address

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The principle of equality of all people best summarizes Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

What was Abraham lincolns speech from the civil war called?

The Gettysburg Address

Was Lincolns Gettysburg address written in formal English?

Yes that is true.

How does abraham lincolns famous speech start?

see Gettysburg Address

What was the first sentence of Abraham Lincolns Gettysburg address?

The Declaration of Independence

What the purpose of Lincolns Gettysburg address?

to persuade the audience to fight for government of the people.

What was lincolns purpose of the Gettysburg Address?

to persuade the audience to fight for government of the people.

Abraham Lincolns best known speeches?

"The Second Inaugural" and "The Gettysburg Address.