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It was used for communication for talking with other poeple.


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The tombone is used for mainly jazz music. :)

The viola is used mainly in orchestral classical music.

Basically any genre of music can contain guitar. electric guitar is mainly used in rock or heavy metal acoustic is mainly used in indie or country bass is mainly used in jazz or classic

classic mainly, but it can be found in other music

Harp mainly use for soft song, classic music

Music was used as entertainment at symposiums and festivals but they were also mainly used in the spreading of stories of the Gods, heroes, wars or festivals.

Mainly the guitar but also cornets and other "pipe" instruments and cello. They used cello to add a beat to their music

in folk music the instruments used are mainly things like, banjo and the ukelayle and sometimes the harmonica and the spoons :D hope this helps...

The guitarron a six string bass guitar used mainly for dances in MexicoThe guitarron a six string bass guitar used mainly for dances in Mexico

Mainly it's for playing music, but now, they can do all sorts of additional stuff.

Any Type Really But It Is Mainly Used To Play Jazz

Perceptive listeners are mainly concerned with judging the quality of the music. Casual listeners see music mainly as a mood enhancer. I am pretty positive

Yes!! Coordination is mainly used by the rhythmic gymnasts, when performing routines whilst listening to the music for a specific level. Their routine has to be coordinated with the beat or rhythm of the music

no. we can also refer it to American music

Gamelan music is mainly percussive.

Mainly traditional music symbols or tabs.

Mozart has mainly been known as Classical music.

were expected to bear and raise many childeren

Robots are mainly used in machinery.

Mainly because of his love for music ... and probably to earn a living at it.

I.T style of music is mainly Hip hop and Rap

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