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the land answer is wrong i just took a test with this question and it was a surplus of food

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Q: What was needed for the complex civilizations to develop?
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What was needed before cities and complex civilizations could develop in the Americas?

They needed plenty of land to develop cities and complex civilizations in the Americas.

What does Arnold Toynbee believe caused civilization to develop?

He believed that civilizations needed writing.

What did the Maya Aztec and Inca civilizations each develop?

They Maya,Aztec, and Inca civilizations each developed complex architectural structures. Or at least the answer for the CST's

What do the five characteristics of civilizations develop into?

Growth of cities, specialized workers, complex institutions, writing and advanced technology.

Why did the early civilizations develop near major rivers?

The earliest civilizations developed near rivers because they needed drinking water and irrigation for their crops.

Why did early civilizations develop near major rivers?

The earliest civilizations developed near rivers because they needed drinking water and irrigation for their crops.

Which statement best explains how classical civilizations developed out of the first agricultural societies?

the improvement in productivity in early agricultural societies enabled more complex societies to develop

What do people need in order to develop a complex society or civilizations?

Agriculture. For without that one must be a hunter-gatherer, thus having no time for any other activity than hunting or foraging, certainly not being able to develop a complex society, or the rule of law.

What river helped civilizations to develop in West Africa?

The Nile River helped civilizations to develop in West Africa.

How did mesopotamia's geography help civilizations to develop in the area?

The fertile soil allowed agricultural civilizations to develop.

When did the first civilizations develop?


Why did civilizations develop where they did?

because the ancient civilizations where there a lon time ago and the had to start to develop because it doesnt matter where it develops as long as it develops.

One of the earliest civilizations to develop in the Americas was the .?


The development of early civilizations usually depended on?

In order for early civilizations to develope they needed a good source of water. With water they could irrigate their crops and improve travel. If they did not have a solid source of water to develop farming early civilizations like the Egyptians(Nile River), Mesopotamians (Tigrus and Euphrates Rivers), or Indus river civilizations would not have survived.

What enabled civilizations to develop?

Language, agriculture, record keeping, cities, specialized workers, innovated technology, and complex institutions DONT FORGET TO GIVE ME TRUST POINTS!

The most complex civilizations emerged in these geographical zones?

What innovations did ancient Egypt develop?

Paper is generally believed to have developed along the Nile civilizations. Egyptians were great accountants, clerks, and tomb builders. They had nice, complex, artistic stories and legends.

Civilizations could not develop without?


How did the early civilizations develop socially?


Why did people live in complex civilizations?

Complexity is interesting.

Where did the first Chinese civilizations develop?

The first Chinese civilizations were formed near the Huang He and Yangtze Rivers.

What is the reasons for early civilizations to develop around rivers?

it was good for fishing and they could develop trade

Where did south America's first civilizations develop?


Where did civilizations in the Middle East develop?

The Fertile Crescent

Why did early civilizations develop of writing?

because they wanted to