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Q: What was not a contributing factor in the winding down of New Deal reform by the late 1930s?
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What ecological factor made agriculture diffcult on the great plains in the 1930s?

Insufficient Rainfall

What ecological factor made argiculture difficult on the great plains in the 1930s?

One ecological factor that made agriculture difficult on the Great Plains in the 1930s was the severe drought known as the Dust Bowl. This drought led to the loss of fertile topsoil through erosion, making it challenging to grow crops and sustain agriculture in the region.

What is the chica go plan?

The Chicago Plan was a proposal in the 1930s to reform the financial system by separating the monetary and credit functions of the banking system. It included principles like full-reserve banking and the government issuance of money. Though the plan was not implemented, it influenced later discussions on monetary reform.

What ended the great recession?

World War 2. There was some economic recovery toward the end of the 1930s, but the biggest factor was the concentration of industry around the war effort. Producing materials to send overseas created jobs which of course brought unemployment down. Canada was also contributing troops from the outbreak of war in 1939--the US was supplying materials. After Pearl Harbor, that all changed.

What of following is a characteristic of the reform era 1930s to 1970s of American Policing?

One characteristic of the reform era of American policing (1930s-1970s) was an emphasis on professionalization through standardized training, hiring criteria, and practices. This era also saw the introduction of community policing strategies that aimed to improve police-community relations and increase accountability. Additionally, there were efforts to modernize police departments by implementing new technologies and organizational structures.

What did Jews of the 1930s wear as casual attire or due to religion?

That depends on the countries and on whether the Jews were orthodox or Reform. In Germany, for example, the majority of Jews were NOT orthodox and dressed very inconspicuously - as in many other countries.

How was life in the 1930s?

egypt in 1930s

Who were the fashion icons in the 1930s?

what was the fashion for the 1930s

What were the taboos for women of the 1930s?

taboos for women in 1930s

Who was the king in the 1930s?

King George V ruled in the 1930s.

What part of speech is 1930s?

Depends on the sentence. "The 1930s were the highlight of American culture." - subject, noun. "Wow, your jeans are sooo 1930s." - predicate adjective, adjective "I haven't partied that hard since the 1930s." - not sure, but a noun. "How were the 1930s?" - predicate nominative, noun.

Should i use an apostrophe with 1930s?

No, "1930s" is a plural noun and does not require an apostrophe. The correct form is "1930s" to indicate the decade from 1930 to 1939.