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Q: What was not an element of the mercantile system?
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The system was the method that England used to regulate trade?


What was the impact of the mercantile system in the Netherlands?

The impact of the Mercantile system in the Netherlands was creation of monopolies.

How do mercantile exchanges work?

How did the British mercantile system work?

What is the mercantile system?

The mercantile system was a system in which a country's main goal was to procure as much money as possible and often exploit her colonies to achieve this end.

What French economist is most associated with the mercantile economic system?

The French economist most associated with the mercantile economic system was Colbert.

Under which system did England use the American colonies to supply its need for resources?

The Mercantile System used American colonies to supply England's needs for resources.

Which these is not a element of a mercantile system?

the mother country wanted to import more goods than export

Which of these descriptions does not apply to the economy of eigh teenth century England?

The mercantile system was still strongA+

The mercantile system began to fail because .?

all correct

The economic policies of the colonies had to be regulated to meet the needs of England under which system?

mercantile system

Which of these statements about the English mercantile system is false?

the system of mercantilism was an extension of the policy of salutary neglect...

What were colonies required to do under the mercantile system?

Under the mercantile system, the colonies were required to develop trade with other nations, produce manufactured goods, and supply raw materials.