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What was one of the most important differences between the northern economy and the southern economy?

The northern economy was industrially based. The Southern economy was agriculturally based.


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the seasons are usaully switched so if its summer in the northern its winter in the southern

A cyclone in the northern hemisphere go anticlockwise and cyclones in the southern hemisphere go clockwise

the prices the northern part is dearer than the south.

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Northern Mexico has a lot more mountains and southern Mexico has a lot more rivers.

Northern Mexico has a lot more mountains and southern Mexico has a lot more rivers.

similarities are both religious and have the same thought to get fredom and land. Differences are that the temp is hotter in the England then the northern. THIS IS A STUPID ANSWER DO NOT USE THIS!!!!!

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The northern ones are in the Ok,, the soil in the south is diffrent, and was ideal for tobacco (not really grown that much anymore). The northern farmers appear to have gone with dairy, whereas the southern farmers appear to be in everything.

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The southern economy depended largely on agriculture. The northern economy depended mainly on industry as its means of support. This led to the development of two different cultures.

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