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What was the 1997-1998 Florida Gators men's basketball record?

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Overall they were 14-15, in the SEC they were 6-10

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Who won the 2006 NCAA men's basketball championship?

Florida Gators won the 2006 NCAA Mens championship against the UCLA Bruins with 73-57 victory taking down the bruins 12 game winning streak Florida Gators record {33-6} UCLA Bruins record {32-7} This was the first NCAA Mens title in basketball history for the Florida Gators

What is the Florida Gators all time record vs Florida State?

33-19 gators.............Go gators.......................on nov.27 it will be 34-19

What is the win loss record between Florida Gators and the Florida State Seminoles?

Gators - Seminoles 32 - 19 with 2 ties

Florida gators consecutive sellout record?

24 games

What was the Florida Gator's record last year?

The Florida Gators 2009 season record was 13-1. (Loss to Alabama in SEC Title Game)

Who holds the Florida Gators record for most passing touchdowns in a single game?


What is the Florida Gators all time record vs Michigan?

Michigan is 2-0 all time against the Gators. They have won both meetings

What Florida gators coach holds the record for most wins in a single season?

Urban Meyer

Did Florida university ever have a player name gabby lea?

The Florida Gators have a long history of NCAA championship football. However, there is no record of a player named Gabby Lea every playing for the Gators.

What team did the Florida Gators set an all time attendance record against at home?

The Tennessee Vols.

Won-Lost Record of 1945 and 1946 University of Florida Football Team?

The University of Florida Gators had a 4-5-1 record in 1945 and went 0-9 in 1946.

What is the Florida gators football all time win loss record?

As of the 2008 season, Florida's all time record is 628-372-40.

What is the Florida gators all time record vs Miami?

Miami leads the all-time series 28-26

How many games has Oklahoma Sooners won?

11 -2 is their record for 2008. Lost the National Championship to Florida Gators

What is the overall record in football rivalry between the Florida gators and the Georgia billdogs?

46-38-2 favoring Georgia. However Florida is 16-3 since 1990.

How many wins do the Florida Gators have in football?

As of the start of the 2009 season, the Gators all time win loss record is 641-373-40.very very bad I might add, had to UNBOLD it, since not worth bolding.

When did Steve Spurrier last coach the Florida Gators?

Spurrier last coached Florida in the Orange Bowl, January 2, 2002. The Gators defeated Maryland 56-23 at Dolphin Stadium, Miami. Two days later, Spurrier resigned as UFLA coach. His overall 12 year record at Florida was 122-27-1.

What is Tennessee's all time record versus Florida in football?

As of the completion of the 9/20/2008 game, the Florida Gators are tied in the series at 19-19, which dates back to 1916. It should be noted that Tennessee Volunteers head coach Phil Fulmer now has a 5-12 all time record against the Gators, while Gator head coach Urban Meyer improved his record to 4-0.

What is the win-loss record of Florida Gators vs. Georgia Bulldogs for the last fifteen years?

From 1990 to 2005, Gators won 14, Dawgs won 2. Overall win/loss record in history of game is Georgia 47, Florida 37, and 2 ending in a tie. So 47-37-2, with Georgia having the most wins. From 1990 thru 2007, it is Florida 15, Georgia 3.

What is Garfield gators termites record?


What was the overall record of the Florida gators in 1906?

5-3 Florida defeated Gainesville Athletic Club, Jacksonville Athletic Club twice, Athens Agriculture School, and Rollins College. Florida lost to Mercer, Savannah Athletic Club, and Rollins.

What is the official NCAA series record between the Florida Gators and the Alabama Crimson Tide?

According to: Florida is 13-20 vs. Alabama, going into the 2007 season.

How many times has the Florida gators been to the sec championship game?

Florida has made it to the SEC championship game more than any other SEC team with ten appearances and holding a 7-3 record.

What is the win loss record between the Florida Gators and the Ole Miss Rebels?

As of the start of the 2007 season, Ole Miss leads the season series 11-9-1.

What is the win-loss record of the Florida Gators vs Tennessee Volunteers?

As of the start of the 2007 season, Tennessee leads the all time series with Florida 19-17.As of Nov 5th, 2009, the Series is tied at 19-19.