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What was the 38th parallel?


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It was a line that separated North Korea from South Korea.


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The 38th parallel is associated with the Korean War.

38th Parallel North: North America, Europe, and Asia. 38th Parallel South: South America and Australia.

Korea was divided by the 38th parallel in the year 1945.

38th parallel divided Korea before the Korean war, the 38th parallel was built before the war in 1945

North and South Korea are divided by the 38th parallel.

the 38th parallel represented the border between the North and South Korea A+

The 38th parallel was the border between North and South Korea, and still is.

38th parallel. Boundary known as between North Korea and South Korea

July 1953 was when the armistance that 'ended' the Korean war was signed and the 38th parallel was established as a boundary.

the 38th parallel divided the communist Northern part of Korea and the capitalist Southern part of Korea.

The 38th parallel was created in August of 1945. The purpose was to create a boundary between American and Soviet occupational zones.

Korea is divided into communist North Korea and republican South Korea at the 38th parallel. . Korea is divided in communist North Korea and republican South Korea at the 38th parallel. (The Billy Joel song "Leningrad" contains the line, "Stop 'em at the 38th parallel" in reference to the Cold War and specifically the Korean War.)

38th parallelThe Border at the begging of the war was commonly known as the 38th Parallel.

The 38th parallel was the orignial border between North and South Korea from 1945 up until the Korean War.

Korea The 38th Parallel - 1965 TV was released on: USA: 16 October 1965

None, the 38th Parallel was ignored throughout the war. ---------- The 38th parallel was before the war, and currently is, the dividing line between North and South Korea.

The 38th parallel is the dividing line between North and South Korea.

The country that was divided along the 38th parallel was the country of Korea. This division was done after World War 2 ended.

The US and USSR decided that it was somewhere around the half of the country point, so it was arbitrarily decided that they would use the 38th parallel.

north korea and south korea is where war started and thats the latitude of south and north korea. (38th parallel- thats how it got its name)

The 38th parallel is important to Asia because it is the division between North and South Korea. This area is known as the Demilitarized Zone and is heavily guarded.

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