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What was the Big Price of the Canadian Football League?

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What is the big prize for the Canadian Football League?

the big prize in Canadian football, is called the Grey Cup.

What is the big prize for the Canadian football league called?

The Grey Cup.

All of the professional sports teams?

North America has what is referred to the "Big 4" sport leagues. This refers to the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, and the National Hockey League. There is also other somewhat big leagues including Major League Soccer, the Canadian Football League, and to a lesser extent the National Lacrosse League.

What about EIU football?

that is an Irish league team its not relly big but darryl Murphy of sunderland and Kevin Doyle have both come from that league

How many welsh football teams in English league?

Two in the big leagues: Cardiff and Swansea.

How big is the europa champions league cup?

It's massive. It is the top prize in European club football.

What are some of the sports Canadians play?

Canadians like many sports that other countries do. They are big with hockey, and also have an Olympic basketball team, a professional basketball team (Toronto Raptors), many NHL teams, one professional MLB team (Toronto Blue Jays), and have their own football league (CFL- Canadian Football League). Thus, Canadians play many sports.

Who in the NFL are related?

Canadian Football League is related. Although he is right I think you mean what players are related. Archie manning (former Saints quarterback) has two sons in the NFL, Payton Manning and Eli Manning. Both have big shoes to fill.

Does georgetown have a football program?

Yes. Georgetown plays football in the Patriot League, an FCS (1-AA) football conference that includes Holy Cross, Colgate, Lafayette, Lehigh, Fordham, and Bucknell. Georgetown only plays football in the Patriot League. For other major sports, they compete in the Big East.

What teams are in the Big Ten NCAA football league?

There are many teams in the NCAA football league. Teams include the Nebraska Cornhuskers, the Illinois Fighting Illini, the Indiana Hoosiers, the Northwestern Wildcats, and the Penn State Nittany Lions.

How can a Norwegian football player be drafted in the NFL?

he can only be drafted into the NFL by participating in the College league and get drafted. norwegian football players are not known ( because it is not a big sport in Norway)

How much do arena football league cheerleaders make?

you can make any where from 10 dollars to 200 a game depending on where and how big the team is

What are the sports names they play in Canada?

In fact many of the same sports as in the U.S. We do share the same hockey league. And lacross league. Baesball and Basketball are not as big in Canada though. Canada has it's own football league (the CFL).

Why was the Canadian Football League created?

Until the mid-1950s, the game of football in Canada was governed by a non-profit organization called the Canadian Rugby Union (CRU). Much of the makeup of the CRU executive generally came from various university or amateur minor leagues. The CRU dictated the rules of the game, and every member league had to play by CRU rules. The CRU also determined which of its member leagues were able to challenge for the Grey Cup (the Canadian equivalent of the Super Bowl trophy). In the post-war years, two leagues emerged as being 'professional' or 'major league.' These were the Western Interprovincial Football Union (WIFU) and the Interprovincial Rugby Football Union (IRFU), better known as 'the Big Four.' The WIFU consisted of five teams in the major cities in western Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg), and the Big Four was made up of four teams from eastern Canadian cities (Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal). Those cities were, at the time, the largest cities in Canada. Until about 1955, a minor semi-pro league, the Ontario Rugby Football Union (ORFU) always challenged for the Grey Cup, with the approval of the CRU. It was an embarassment to the WIFU and the Big Four to have to play the ORFU champions before playing in the Grey Cup game. (Imagine, if you will, some sandlot football team from North Podunkville USA having the right to play either the NFC or AFC champions, with the winner going to the Super Bowl.) The ORFU played either the Western or Eastern champions, alternating annually. The game was played in the middle of the week, on the Wednesday before the Grey Cup game. For at least a decade, the game had regularly been somewhat of a blowout. The main concern of the two professional leagues was the risk of injury to one of its stars in a virtually meaningless game. Finally, the WIFU and the Big Four said, 'Enough is enough!' They formed a committee to develop themselves into one professional football league, separate from the CRU. At first, the CRU threw around the phrase 'outlaw league.' But the writing was on the wall and the CRU knew its days of having complete control of football in Canada were over. Partly through arm-twisting, and partly through some financial sweeteners, the CRU agreed to transfer the Grey Cup to the professionals, as well as to give up the right to control football at the professional level. In 1958, the WIFU and the Big Four merged into one league, which was named the Canadian Football League (CFL).

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How big is a CFL football field?

The field of play in Canadian football is 110 yards long and 65 yards wide. The end zones are 20 yards deep. In total, it is slightly more than two acres.

How big is the Canadian Shield landform?

The Canadian Shield is 8,000,000 km2.

Which football club won the league in 1994 - 1995?

It was Blackburn Rovers. The first small club beside the big four to win it.

What is a big league?

A big league is a major league in any sport - the highest level at which a person can play.

Professional Arizona sports teams?

A few of the big ones are: -Arizona Diamondbacks (Major League Baseball) -Arizona Cardinals (National Football League) -Phoenix Suns (National Basketball Association) -Phoenix Coyotes (National Hockey League)

How big do perch get?

they can get big as a football

What are some extinct Canadian animals?

Canadian giant pandas Canadian moas and choranges(Big worms).

How big is a college football field?

how big the football field is in UCLA?

Who are the ivy league football teams?

Harvard Crimson Yale Bulldogs Penn Quakers Columbia Lions Dartmouth Big Green Cornell Big Red Princeton Tigers Brown Bears

How big is the Canadian army now?

Yes, there is a Canadian army if that is what you want to know