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What is religion?

Definitions of Religion 1) Religion is the adherence to codified beliefs and ritualsthat generally involve a faith in a spiritual nature and a study ofinherited ancestral traditions, knowledge and wisdom related tounderstanding human life. The term "religion" refers to both thepersonal practices ( Full Answer )

Why is there a religion?

Why Religios Exists . Because humanity is created in the image of God, humans carry within them a spark of the divine--commonly called a spirit.. This spirit, which possesses the thumbprint of God the creator, constantly seeks intimacy and communion with God. We were made to worship. Religion he ( Full Answer )

What religions are there?

World's religions. Baha'i Faith . Buddhism . Christianity ; Christian groups, denominations and families ( Amish to The Way ) . Confucianism [Actually, this religion has no formal symbol. But this one is sometimes used unofficially] . Hinduism . Islam . Jainism . Ju ( Full Answer )

Why do you have religions?

From the beginning, humans had a religion, a reference to their common origin. It is an instinct that humans feel connected to a Creator, higher being or Designer. Humans are also inclined to believe in superstitions and supernatural forces that affect their lives. This combination of faith and feel ( Full Answer )

What is a religion?

The modern use of the term "religion" is an organized or structured form of belief. . Why do Religions Exist . The existence of religions is related to philosophy, the study of how Man thinks and how he interacts with the world and other individuals. Religion, however, implies a Divine or mystica ( Full Answer )

What is your religion?

You can have a religion like Christian faiths (Baptist Methodist,Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant). All that matters is that youmake an effort to believe in God.

What is the main religion in british Columbia?

In polling, the largest single group is "no religiousaffiliation." Protestantism is the most practiced religious sect,followed by Catholicism. Sikhism is the largest non-Christianreligious group.

How did religion impact the colonial and British governments?

Religious intolerance in Europe is what prompted numerous settlersto come to America. The Anglican Church was not inclined totolerate attempts at reform from groups such as Puritans, Quakersand other radical sects. As a result, several of the ThirteenColonies were built on the principle of religious ( Full Answer )

What if there was no religion?

The Beatle, John Lennon imagined many things that we could do without - and no religion too. If there was no religion, there would be less war, less prejudice and more harmony in the world.

List of religion of the British colonies?

Puritan- Separatists first in Plymouth, later non-Separatists in Massachusetts Bay.. -->leads to Congregationalist church, Anglican church ultimately fails.. Catholic persecution, but Act of Toleration by Baltimore in Maryland leads to a degree of acceptance.. Quakers-mostly in Pennsylvania [Penn ( Full Answer )

Did they have a religion?

people have religion because we are dependant. i am a christain and so i depend on god to be my hope and savoir(JESUS)

Why do you have religion?

The reason why there are religions is because people had traditions and beliefs that eventually became formalized. Religion was created as a social compact between man and the universe. They created a God that would bring psychological comfort in times of hardship. They created a God that would prot ( Full Answer )

Why are there religions?

There are religions because people had traditions and beliefs that eventually became formalized. Religion was created as a social compact between man and the universe. They created a God that would bring psychological comfort in times of hardship. They created a God that would protect them from natu ( Full Answer )

What is british columbias religion?

No religious affiliation: 35.1% Protestant: 31.4% Catholic: 17.2% Christian n. i. e.: 5.2% Sikh: 3.5% Buddhist: 2.2% Muslim: 1.5% Christian Orthodox: 0.9% Hindu: 0.8% Jewish: 0.5% Other religions: 0.4% Eastern religions: 0.3%

What religion is 14 year old British Diver Tom Daley?

Tom Daley is catholic. I know somebody that is really good friends with him, they both live in Plymouth. They see each other all the time, and he was at the 2008 Olympics to see him with his family. Their families go to church together whenever they can.

What are the major religions in British Isles today?

Just under 3 quaters of the United Kindom considers itself Christian (Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian and Methodist) and just under quarter considers itself Atheist/Agnostic.

What did they do in their religion?

Good question Billy. Can I call you Billy? Doesn't matter. Billy there comes a time in every man's life when he must ask himself this question: What did they do in their religion? And with this comes a simple response: it. They did it in their religion. Thank you and godspeed.. Good question Billy. ( Full Answer )

What is religion for?

Nothing, really. Religions were created in times when people didn't know what caused things, and likewise didn't have the instruments (or minds) to find out. The most well-known case will have to be God: "Who created the world/universe/people/animal etc."

What is British religion?

The state religion in the UK is the Church of England, a variety of Christianity, but many people belong to other religions and many people do not regularly attend any form of worship, even if they nominally belong to a religion.

The religion of the British?

The official Church of England is the Anglican Church - protected by the Royal Family - specifically King or Queen and overseen by the Archbishop of Canterbury

What is the religion of the British?

It used to be Roman Catholicism in the past and then it was converted to Anglican where the head of the state (the monarch) is the head of the religious institution as well as far as I know

What is religion for them?

Here is a definition of Religion: . In short, religion is a "set of beliefs" or "something one believes in and follows devotedly". It usually has something to do with the origin of the universe and the purpose of life, and it usually points to a god or gods of some sort - Like in the case of Chri ( Full Answer )

What are religions?

The belief and to worship a superhuman power e.g. God. It is a particular system of faith and worship that people follow.

What religion are yoU?

I am an agnostic. I don't believe in a particular faith, but I do believe that there are forces in the universe which we cannot see or control. I think that some things are unknowable, and many things are unable to be proved. Nothing is off the table when it comes to the ethereal.

What religion were there?

there are all sorts of religion and you can have any religion you believe in i say go for it all and be what you want to be it is your life

My religion is?

That's for you to answer...try it my way? Trial and error? Do a bit of research into what you believ now, look into as many forms of religion as you can, then see if they fit your beliefs. If none of them do, you can keep searching, there are more faiths out there than you think. I can safely gamble ( Full Answer )

Have the British changed the religion or buildings in India?

British do not cause any trouble to Indians religious belief.British came here as a guest but after they started to take control of India.Indian citizen really suffer a lot to get freedom.Beside British really help in building India.British brought English language to India.British brought bridge to ( Full Answer )

Do you have to have a religion?

In some countries the answer may be yes, you must. In many others, the answer is no, you do not have to have a religion. It depends on the constitution and laws of each country.

What religions are there that can you be?

There are many, many religions. Here is a list of some of them....... 1. Christian: Believes in god, goes to church to praise. Prays 2. Catholic: A different type of christian, believes Mary is more holy than God. 3. Muslim: Believes in all different Gods. 4. I don't know what it is call ( Full Answer )

Why do we have religion?

Opinions From Contributors: Some people use it to explain our purpose and existence on this earth. The ability to lie is the foundation for religion. Religion is Man's attempt to explain God and human existence by doing things - often seen as a pair of scales with the Good outweighing th ( Full Answer )

Why do have religion?

That is an interesting question and one that has been asked many times it would seem that society's that do not have any type of spiritual or religious if you like facet to them don't thrive. A society is a group of individuals that work together and in the interest of each other in order to succeed ( Full Answer )

What was the main British religion in the 1700s?

The Church of England or the Anglican Church. The Roman Catholic Church was in existence there but struggled politcally with the English aristocracy. The Presbyterians were especially strong in Scotland.

What religion do British people believe?

Great Britain is a Christian country by name and indeed, the Church of England bishops have seats in the upper house of the British parliament. However, the Church of England plays a very small role in the governing of the country today. In practice, the United Kingdom is a multi-faith society wit ( Full Answer )

Can you have no religion?

absolutely, not every one needs nor wants religion, some people just want to live according to their own beliefs and find their own spiritual needs.

What kind of religion does british people practice?

In England, and Brittian back in the early 1500s, the practice of the Anglican religion became popular. Nowadays, I am pretty sure there is still some of the Anglican practice occuring, but there is also some Christianity, and most likely some Islam or Budhism believe it or not. Lots of more popular ( Full Answer )

How did the arrival of the British influence the religion of Australia?

Being a British colony meant that New South Wales (and latercolonies) also took the religion of Great Britain, which wasChristianity. It was upon Christianity that this great nation wasfounded, and Christianity continues to be the largest religion inAustralia today.

Religion of the british royal family?

The British Royal family are Church of England. The head of state is the head of the Church of England, so the current head of the Church of England is the Queen, because she's the current head of state.

What are the religions of British Virgin Islands?

The BVI is considered a religious society. Their main religion is Christianity, however many other religions are found there, including Hinduism and Buddhism. There are also a very large amount of Christian denominations in the BVI..name them you are sure to find them here!

Why did religion cause disagreements between Ireland and British?

The Brits are Protestant and the Irish are Catholic. The British formed the Anglican Church of England and especially when Cromwell invaded Ireland and attempted a genocide of the Catholic Irish, these religious differences caused problems that have lasted between the two. The British took all of th ( Full Answer )

What can you get from a religion?

God offers salvation to you through Christ (Christianity, Messianic Judaism) and you are forgiven if you accept salvation through prayer out loud and repent of your sins. Remember to forgive ( so you are forgiven), to not judge or condemn (so you are not judged or condemned for eternity.)

What does religion do?

realign is a path which you will stay on for all your life for example for Muslims there path is the 5 pillars and for siks there is the 5 ks

Can a British royal male marry a woman of any other religion except Catholic?

The British Royal family can in theory marry a person of any religion - or none - except Catholics. So a Sikh, Satanist, Jain, Jew or Moslem would be legally acceptable, but Catholics are not acceptable. This goes back to King Henry 8th breaking with Rome and founding the Church of England with hims ( Full Answer )

Is there religion?

Yes, there are religion. Popular religion in the world are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Baha'i, and many more. All religion are actually philosophy of life that explains the existence of an Almighty being.