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The U-boat submarine

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Q: What was the Germans main weapon at sea in World War 2?
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What new weapon did the Germans use in World War 1?

The Thundergun.

What weapon did England use to win world war 1?

The British tank was superior and in much greater numbers than the Germans. They helped to terrorize the Germans in the lattter stages of the war. The Germans, totally underestimated the potency of this new weapon.

What was The weapon unveiled by the Germans that terrified the English?

In World War 2 the Germans introduced the V2 rocket, a terrifying new offensive weapon. In WW1 poison gas was considered the most terrifying weapon.

What is the biggest hand held weapon that the Germans used in World War 2?

The Potato Gun

What was Germans main weapon used in World War 2?

there are 2 spitfires and air raids this is true not lollies or marshmallows or candy floss like people would think =S

What were tanks used for in World War 2?

Tank were used by Germans, and later by Russians, British and Americans, as main attacking weapon. Main task of tank groups was to break enemy lines. Battle of Kursk (in Russia) was one of the largest tank battles of this war.

Main focus on the treaty of Versailles?

To punish the Germans for World War 1

What was the Germans secret weapon during the war 1?


What weapon of world war 1 was most responsible for a 4 year stalemate on the western front?

the germans had alien technology

What was the central powers main weapon in world war 1?

The machine gun

Who fighted the US in World War 2?

Germans,Japanese and Italy were the main People

What is the main German weapon of World War 2?

It may not sound like a killer, but the main weapon the Germans employed was fear, fear of their military might at the start of their French campaign, scarring Winston Churchill with their use of unrestricted submarine warfare, and using propaganda in conquered territory's to scare people with altered views of the allies, minority groups and the German war machine.