What was the Largest population group in feudal society?

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In feudal society, most people were peasants. In many countries the peasants were mostly serfs.
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What was life like in a feudal society?

Answer It was a very structured society. The nobility had privileges that the lower classes didn't have and the peasant class was required to work for the nobility as tenet farmers. The houses they lived in were made of wattle and daub, with dirt floors, no heat except for a fireplace, no furnitur ( Full Answer )

How did feudalism bring order to medieval society?

It allowed for a class system to emerge which encompassed everyone. When Rome fell, there was no social structure. The ruling nation and way of life for nearly 1000 years fell. With that structure gone, people were left alone and defenseless. This allowed a warrior class to emerge and help those in ( Full Answer )

What is the largest population age group in the world?

The largest population age group in the world today is the teenagers. And it will probably be that way for awhile. The reason is because these teens keep on having children when they are a child themselves and I don't get it because these ladies are not learning from their mothers who had them at a ( Full Answer )

Where did the Samurai rank in Japanese feudal society?

the ranks are:. 1 st : Emperor. 2 nd : shogun. 3 rd : Samurai . 4 th : normal soldiers. 5th: citizens. 6th: peasants. Basically, they were the high-ranking foot soldiers and the enforcers of the Shogun. The samurai were basically like the special forces of today. They were extremely well-tr ( Full Answer )

Who made up the largest group in Egyptian society?

If you made a drawing of all the social groups of ancient Egypt, the drawing would be in a pyramid shape. On the top would be the king and his family. Beneath that would be a small upper class of nobles, army commanders, and priests. Next would be a larger base of skilled middle-class people, such a ( Full Answer )

How did feudalism shape medieval society?

A lord granted land (a fief) to his vassals. In exchange for the fief, the vassal would provide military service to the lord. The obligations and relations between lord, vassal and fief form the basis of feudalism.

What held feudal society together?

Feudal society was held together by mutual obligations, sometimes based on custom, and sometimes based on vows. The serfs and their lords had obligations to one another, which were inherited. The serfs owed their lords labor and had a duty to stay on the land; in exchange, the lords had to provide ( Full Answer )

What did noblewomen do in feudal society?

They managed the household. Source: My 6th Grade History Text book They Had *** Lots That is not the answer, that doesn't even make since. Life in the Middle Ages was very difficult for a woman, whether noble or peasant. Women tended to be confined to household tasks such as cooking, sewing, ( Full Answer )

What ethnic group has the largest population in the us?

Since the term "ethnic group" has no biological foundation, there's no mechanism by which to make that determination. Ethnicity is a combination of ancestral origin, number of generations since immigration, self-identity, and a host of other considerations. Very few people whose parents were born in ( Full Answer )

Who was at the top of the feudal society?

in medieval times, the king, or also known as the monarch, was always at the top of the feudal society. The peasant and serfs were at the bottom. The middle was filled with nobles. this is my answer,, ummm. if this doesnt help, im so sorry,, this is what i know, im in grade 8 and we sort of learned ( Full Answer )

How did the feudal society end?

the feudal society was the most important institutuion of the Middle Ages. Inventions made feudalism less and less important. The invention of gunpowder made a feudal army not necessary. Commerce overcame feudalism. Political freedoms disolved the interaction between a lord and his labour force. Fif ( Full Answer )

What did knights contribute to feudal society?

The knights followed codes of behavior that stressed loyalty to their lords and served examples of virtue to people of lower classes. Each was a member of a specially trained warrior class that provided protection to people in feudal societies.

The structure of the feudal society?

The Feudal Society was based upon the oaths of fealty (loyalty) to the King for land. His tenants or vassals would perform this fealty in exchange for plots of land called fiefs. Those holder included Bishops as the church was one of the largest landowners, there were also people lower down the hier ( Full Answer )

Describe three features of feudal society?

The absence of a strong central authority, and the diffusion of governmental power through the granting of administrative and legal authority over particular lands (fiefs) by higher lords (including the king) to vassals sworn by voluntary oath to support or serve them, usually (though not exclusivel ( Full Answer )

Why did europe become a feudal society?

Europe became a feudal society so as to protect the people in thehigh classes. It is believed that it was promoted by the church asit allocated land to the nobles.

Describe 3 features of feudal society?

1. Lords ruling over the peasants that work for them 2. Knights have a certain class level, but surprisingly, not extremely high. Knights must first be squires (apprenticed under another knight) 3. A priest/church having strong influence over an area or even an entire kingdom

What held the feudal society together?

Fear. Feudalism is first and foremost the promise of protection from other people, seasoned with not a little anxiety about the people who are doing the protecting.

What does feudal society mean?

The Feudal Society in the Middle Ages was characterised by land in exchange for service. A Lord would grant land to vassals in exchange for military service. The land in terms of Feudalism was called a Fief. This relation between the Lord and their Vassals formed the basis of the Feudal Society. ( Full Answer )

Largest part of population in feudal society?

The largest part of the feudal society are either peasants or pages. The kings and queens were usually not popular or anything. My Project Challenge class is learning about this so that's why I answer a lot of Medieval Questions. Hope my answer helped!

Who was a mathematician in feudalism society?

If there had been a mathematician he would have been a monk or priest. They were the only people with learning. ___ Clergy were not the only people with learning in medieval society. There were a lot of educated and inquisitive scholars throughout Europe, China and what we now call the Middle ( Full Answer )

What was a serf's role in a feudal society?

Serfs generally do not exist any more, but to the medieval extent, serfs were peasants who farmed land that belonged to a nearby Lord. They lived on the land, took care of it, and got food from it. But most of the crops are given to the Lord as "rent" for the land, even though they broke their backs ( Full Answer )

This group makes up the largest percentage of Greenland's population?

88% of Greenland's population is made up of Inuits or mixed Inuit-Danish people. Europeans, especially Danish, make up for the other 12%, as Greenland is not a country, but a democracy with a constitutional monarchy to Denmark, hence the number of Danes.

What was the Structure of Japanese feudal society?

The structure of Japanese feudal society is as follows: 1. Emperor. 2. Shogun and daimyo. 3. Samurai warriors. 4. Peasants and artisans. 5. Merchants. The Feudal Society functioned on the basis of fealty (loyalty) tothe King for land.

How did nation states emerge from feudal societies?

From feudal societies,came the Kingdom had to be governed to its best potential. Control over the land was a crucial task as there were threats of warfare from other Kingdoms. The form of control of feudal societies were that of warfare and economic.

Is a feudal society a backward society?

No. A feudal society is when there is a caste system (sort of). It is when there's a small ruling class, a slightly larger upper class of important people, a middle class, and a huge lower class. It is impossible for someone to change classes.

What is the correct order of the feudal society?

Serfs would swear allegiance to a knight (or minor lord) who would swear allegiance to a baron who would be liable to a duke who would serve directly under the king. Serfs --> Knight/minor lord --> Baron --> Duke --> King

How was European feudal society structured?

The feudal system is a political system that was prevalent inEurope in between the eighth and fourteenth centuries. Most of theagricultural society was largely supported by the feudal systemsocial hierarchy. In the feudal system, most of the rights andprivileges were given to the Upper classes. In t ( Full Answer )