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The style in Harlem Renaissance's writing is based on three distinguishingstandards which are:

1-the protagonist:Usually a male protagonist who evolves in a social context. He is a dynamic character where everything is moving in parallel with him (setting/other characters presentation...)
2-the setting:The Harlem Renaissance novel is most of the time a biography. The telling of the story by the protagonist (which happens to be the writer) comes always as a flashback so as the "time" of the novel flows from past to present. As far as the "place" is concerned, the protagonist ,during his journey, moves from one place to another in a high complexity and density. The place has a great impact on the development of the main character in building his identity

3-the theme:The main theme in Harlem Renaissance writings in general is the telling of a personal story of a black protagonist who struggles in the confrontations with the white society seeking for his identity as a human being, and evolves and builds a new vision for the black man in a society equal to any other individual. NB: some black writers, such as Zora Neal Huston, deviated from the main theme that every proponent of the core of the Harlem Renaissance motto grasped and defended with a burning heart.

*this is the style of novels writing in Harlem Renaissance

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Q: What was the Renaissance writing style?
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