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The average age of US Civil War soldiers was 25.

The average age of a soldier in the Revolutionary War was 18 to 20. However, boys as young as 16 enlisted and served in this war.

The average age was 22 for the US soldier.

285,000 American Soldiers fought in the American Revolutionary War.

Which golf war? There were three of them.

People in the revolutionary war did not get clean

what did soldiers do after the revolution?

The average age of Union soldiers in the US Civil War was 26. Also, 98% of Union soldiers who were engaged in combat were between the ages of 18 and 45.

The Newburgh Mutiny helped established compensation for soldiers after the Revolutionary War.

The American Revolutionary WarRevolutionary war

It is estimated that there were about 24,000 British soldiers were wounded in the Revolutionary War. The American who were wounded were about 8,445.

The American colonies, Britain, and FranceThe Revolutionary War was a thing, not a person. If you would like to know who was IN the Revolutionary War, go to and type the soldiers of the Revolutionary War.

The revolutionary war was a bad idea because the Americans really did not have to resources or soldiers for the war.

The number of American soldiers wounded in the American Revolutionary War is 25,000. The total of U.S. dead and wounded is 50,000.

did the soldiers had ammunition did they have food and etc.

17 to 39 average age was 26

The average is 23, now the youngests were 17, and oldests 40.

36,000 people fought on the American side of the Revolutionary War

What age did youngsters go to college during the revolutionary war

The average age of southern soldiers is not known but ir would have changes as the war progressed as both very young boys and old men were pressed into service. For union troops it was 25.8 years old.

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