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Perhaps the disciples didn't have beards!People normally suggest that the 12 disciples were men in their 20's and 30's. We've grown up with images of the disciples standing round with beards. I would like to venture another answer that I've been puzzling, maybe someone can help me. I believe that when Jesus took on the disciples they were around the age of 14-15, well at least some of them. There were a wide spectrum of people among Jesus disciples, including fishermen and tax-collectors. This would suggest to me also that there was a large difference in ages; there is nothing to suggest the disciples were all around the same age. Normally young Jewish boys would learn the Torah (genesis-deutoronomy) until the age of 10-11, and if they excelled at this they would continue learning up to malachi. After this, age 14-15, the best of the best were chosen by a rabbi to become their disciple. If the child dropped out at any point they took up an apprenticeship with their father. I believe this is what Peter, Andrew, James and John were involved with when Jesus called them. Perhaps Matthew was older as he was already an extablished tax-collector. If the disciples were young men it would explain the length of time after Jesus' death that they were around. John died at the age of 70 and this was a good while after Jesus death. This young age would also explain the disciples actions, Peter was often unbalanced and temperamental but this could be because he was 16! Imagine Peter stepping out in faith and walking on water at the tender age of 16! This would also mean some of the disciples were only around 18 when Jesus died. Think of the huge situation they were facing so young. It maybe explains why they decided to go fishing because it was all they knew to go back to. Matthew 8:14-15 records that Peter was married but at this time it was not uncommon for people to get married very young. Mary was about 14 when dealing with Jesus' pregnancy. I am not sure of these things but was wondering if its possible to work out dates if John died at 70. how many years was this after Jesus death? In the end all trivial things we can't understand now will be enlightened unto us when we reach heaven.

Peter was the only one 20 or over, the other 11 apostles were under 20, refer to Mat 17:24-27 and Ex 30:11-14

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Q: What was the average age of the twelve disciples when they joined Jesus?
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