What was the average salary for NFL players in 2007?

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What is the average salary of an NFL football player?

The median salary in the NFL in 2009 was roughly $770,000. In 2008 it was about $720,000. The Steelers have the highest median salary at $1.1 million, the Packers the lowest at $440,000. The Redskins have the highest payroll at $123 million. The Giants have the lowest at $76 million. The average ( ( Full Answer )

What was the average salary for NFL players in 2002 2003 2004?

Answer . \nAccording to USA Today, the median salary for the highest paying NFL team in the 2004 season (Pittsburgh Steelers) was $895,716. For the lowest paying team (San Diego Chargers) it was $453,800.\n. \nFor the 2003 season, the highest paying NFL team (Cincinnati Bengals) paid a median sa ( Full Answer )

What is the average salary of an NFL Europe Player?

In the last year of NFL-Europe, the salaries ranged between $13,500-18,500. Quarterbacks were paid at the higher end of the spectrum and expenses such as lodging and food were paid for by the NFL teams, which allocated a minium of six players to each of the 6 European based squads.

What the average salary in 2007?

Answer . The average is probably several million per season. As of the 2007 season the minimum salary in the NFL is $285,000 while a very good player can make 8 figures..

What is the average salary of an NFL place-kicker?

Answer . In both 2006 and 2007, the median salary for an NFL kicker was $1.4 million. The highest paid kicker in 2007 (sorting by cap value) was the Bills's Rian Lindell at $3.3 million.. http://asp.usatoday.com/sports/football/nfl/salaries/playersbyposition.aspx?pos=123.

What is the salary for a NFL player?

Answer . \nThe minimum is $225,000, for every player. some players will be listed as having a base salary of 0, which means that their salary was rolled into a bonus. In addition to this they sometimes get signing bonuses, etc. But there is no specific salary that they all get. Here are some ( Full Answer )

What is the average salary for an NFL player by position?

Answer . According to USA Today (7/29/02) Median NFL Salaries Punter/Kicker $631,040 Defensive end $600,958 Quarterback $593,667 Offensive line $589,133 Cornerback $563,200 Defensive tackle $513,880 Linebacker $513,360 Wide receiver $512,000 Safety $501,580 Running back $479,241 Tight end $ ( Full Answer )

What is the minimum salary for a NFL player?

Hmm. Well just to say i hate the packers (sorry i am a giants and steelers.) But a salary for an NFL player must be 3 million? I think. I would look it up. GO STEELERS!

What is the average salary of NFL players in 1970?

Answer doing study for a differential - guessing about $100,000 for a first round, $10,000 for a sixth round. 1duken According to Forbes the Average 1970 Salary was $23,000

Average NFL salary?

Saw one site that said..about $770,000.00 a year in 2009. average career is three years..so they say after average career is over, after taxes the average player earns about $1,000,000.00...boo who...it takes the rest of us 20 years or more to earn that much money. And we commoners get hurt on the j ( Full Answer )

What is the weekly average salary of an NFL football player?

divide the player's annual salary by 16 games and you have their weekly paycheck. According to Business Week the average NFL salary is 1.9 Million and the Median salary is 770,000 dollars. So the average weekly salary is $118,750 per game the median weekly salary is $48,125 not a bad check eit ( Full Answer )

What is the salary range for an NFL player?

The Rookies The minimum salary for an NFL rookie in 2009 is $310,000. The Veterans After the first year, the minimum annual salary is $400,000. Team Salaries They were fifth in the league in total payroll with salaries totaling more than $128 million. The NFL Salary Cap In 2009 the salary cap ( Full Answer )

Average NFL kicker salary?

According to Sports Illustrated, the average kicker/punter salary is $868,005. Viking's punter Chris Kluwe is the highest paid specialist in the NFL at about $5 mil.

What is the average NFL quarterback salary?

The base salary is set by the NFL, but an individual teamnegotiates its own contract length and terms. Many NFL startingquarterbacks earn more than $10 million per year. Eli Manning made$10 million in 2008; brother Peyton made 8.2 million. Carson Palmermade the most with $13.5 million. As of 2015, ( Full Answer )

Starting salary for NFL player?

The starting salary for NFL players is $375,000. The is the averagethat has been set and the players will get salary increments asthey progress.

Average salary of NFL player?

The salary of NFL players vary depending on their experience, andhow good of a player they are. Salaries can vary from severalthousand dollars annually, to several million dollars.

Average salary of an nfl kicker?

The average salary for an NFL kicker and punter is about $1,051,131per year. They receive a base salary which can vary depending onthe team they are on.

What was the average salary of NFL players in the 1958 season?

just saw an interview on ESPN with a defensive end from the nfl champion colts from 1958, said he made $13,000 for the season, got a $2000 raise after they won the title.. That total seems high to me, but that is what he said.

What is average salary for an NFL player?

The average salary for an NFL player is about $1.9 million peryear. This will vary depending on the level of experience and theteam they play for.

What is the average salaries NFL players?

the average NFL player makes 1.1 million dollars but how much they make also depends on what their value to the team is, what team they play for, and how long they have played in the league.

What is the average retirement salary of an NFL football player?

For each year of service, players who retired after 1981 receiveannual pension payments of between $3,000 and $5,640. Morerecently-retired players receive annual payments closer to $5,640for each year of service, while those who retired in the early '80sreceive closer to $3,000 per year in the leagu ( Full Answer )

Average NFL salary in 1955?

The average NFL salary in the year of 1995 was $7,000. Incomparison, the average salary in 2014 is close to $1 to $2million.

Average salary for NFL scout team players?

Each NFL team may keep up to eight members on their "practice squad" in addition to their 53-member main roster. They consist mostly of rookies who were cut in training camps and borderline NFL-caliber players. Both rookies and young veterans are eligible for the practice squad. However, a player ca ( Full Answer )

Average salary of NFL Camera man?

There are many factors that determine the salary of a camera operator.. 1) The collective bargaining agreement of the Union that represents the workers. 2) The number of games that they work, the type of game, ( Playoff , Supperbowl). NFL camera operators shooting for local, regional or national ( Full Answer )

What is the average salary for a backup quarterback in the NFL?

The average salary for an NFL back up quarterback is approximately $ 1,670,688.. There is no set "back up" pay scale in the NFL, so the salaries vary widely from team to deam and player to player. The highest back up salary in the 2008 season is Shaun Hill of the 49ers, who will make $ 4,800,000 du ( Full Answer )

What is the average salary of an NFL linebacker?

The average salary of an NFL Linebacker is close to 8 million, however there are exceptions. Star players at this position have been known to make up to nearly 20 million, while non starters can make just a few hundred thousand.

What is the average salary of a NFL mascot?

I am an NFL Mascot however, I cannot tell you which one. I currently make around $62,300 per year. If your NFL team that you are hired to goes to the Superbowl there is a $10,000 Bonus at the completed season date. Hope this helped.

What is the average salary of a new NFL player?

the average salary is 1.4 million, but a players salary depends on position and team and how good they are you can figure out a players salary here http://content.usatoday.com/sports/football/nfl/salaries/default.aspx

Does a NFL player get salary if fired?

It depends on the terms of his contract - each player has a minimum criteria as a result of the Players' Bargaining Agreement; and, as long as the individual Player's contract does not interfere with the Bargaining Agreement, then a player may be able to receive his salary even if he is fired, espec ( Full Answer )

What was the Average NFL salary in the 80's?

(1981) - An annual survey conducted by the National Football League shows that the average salary of an N.F.L. player last season was $90,102, with quarterbacks averaging the highest, $160,037. In 1980, the average player's salary was $78,657, 14.5 percent under the 1981 figure. The survey, conducte ( Full Answer )

What was the average salary for NFL players in 1980 1981 1982?

A New York Times article listed the average NFL salaries for: 1980 - $78K; 1981- $90K. The NFL strike in 1982 led to an explosion in salaries because the players won the rights to team revenues as well as the ability to bargain collectively.

What is the average NFL salary in 2011?

As per the NFL Players Association, the minimum basic salary for the players is $295,000. This amount is received without any exception by a player on the active roster for a minimum of 3 games. The average basic salary for a NFL player is between $990,000 to $1.1 million annually.