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What was the battle of Long Island?



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It was a battle between the British and American Continental Army. It was fought in Long Island, New York on August 27th, 1776. In the end, the British forced the Americans out of New York, so basically, the British won.

Location: Long Island, New York

Aka: Battle of Brooklyn

Leaders: George Washington-Americans and General Howe-British

Outcome: The British drove the Americans away from Brooklyn and out of New York.

Significance: Knowing the British were to attack, Washington led his forces to New York City. Howe had 34,000 and 10,000 sailors, and Washington had fewer than 20,000 poorly trained troops and no navy. The Americans had no chance at all. This showed that the British had a strong navy and that this was a big help to them. This also showed though, that the Americans needed to be more trained and organized.