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Three pigs each build their separate houses, each using a different material (one straw, one sticks, one brick). The Big Bad Wolf, anxious to eat them, asks the first pig to come out of his house of straw. When the pig refuses, the wolf uses his powerful breath to blow down the straw house. The process is repeated at the stick house of the second pig. Again, the wolf blows it down. At the third house, the wolf tries to blow it down, but fails. When he next tries to sneak into the brick house through its chimney, he lands in a boiling cookpot.

In some versions, the first two pigs are eaten when their houses collapse. In others, they escape to the sturdy house of the third pig. In earlier versions, the wolf was eaten by the third pig. In later versions, he was merely scalded and traumatized, and never threatened the pigs again.

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The beginning plot of The Three Little Pigs involves three pigs who must leave their mother to build their own homes. Each pig chooses a different material to build their house - straw, sticks, and bricks - which ultimately determines their fate when the Big Bad Wolf comes to try and huff and puff and blow their houses down.

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Q: What was the beginning plot of The Three Little Pigs?
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Who is the main character in The Three Little Pigs and what makes this character the main character?

The main character in "The Three Little Pigs" is the youngest pig. He is often portrayed as the most clever and resourceful of the three siblings, as he is the one who outsmarts the Big Bad Wolf. His actions drive the plot of the story and lead to the resolution.

What is the plot of Three little Pigs?

Three pigs build houses. Two of them are lazy and build cheap homes that the wolf easily knocks down -- in some stories, he eats the pigs and in others they get away. The third pig takes the time and effort to build a strong house that protects him from the wolf.

The plot?

the three little pig

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What is the subplot in The Three Little Pigs?

The main plot is the effort by the Big Bad Wolf to convince the pigs to let him eat them, or failing that, to demolish their shelters with his powerful puffing. The subplot is the moral basis of the story: the poor decisions and lack of diligence by the slothful first two pigs.

Are there different versions of The Three Little Pigs?

Yes, there are various versions of the story "The Three Little Pigs" with different adaptations and retellings by different authors and cultures. The basic plot and characters remain similar, but there may be variations in the details or endings of the story.

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