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William Blake had a close relationship with his mother, Catherine Wright Armitage Blake. She supported and encouraged his artistic talents, and they shared a deep bond. Catherine's death deeply affected Blake, and he mourned her loss throughout his life.

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Q: What was the connection of William Blake and his mother?
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What was William Blake's mothers name?

William Blake's mother's name was Catherine Wright Armitage Blake.

What is William Blake's real name?

William Blake's real name is indeed William Blake. He did not use a pseudonym for his artistic works.

What is William Blake's full name?

William Blake's full name is William rossetti Blake

Is William Blake single?

No, William Blake is not single.

What is William Blake's occupation?

William Blake is a/an Poet painter printmaker

What did William Blake want to see?

William Blake wanted to see a society based on spiritual and artistic values, where imagination and creativity were valued over materialism and conventional thinking. He believed in the power of the human spirit and the importance of connection with the divine through art and poetry.

How many children did William Blake have?

William Blake had one child, a daughter named Catherine Blake.

When did William Blake get married?

William Blake married to Catherine Boucher in 1782

When was William Blake Richmond born?

William Blake Richmond was born in 1842.

What has the author William Blake written?

William Blake has written: 'The world is mine'

When was William J. Blake born?

William J. Blake was born in 1894.

When did William J. Blake die?

William J. Blake died in 1968.