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What was the death toll during World War 2?


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It is estimated the death toll was 63-60 deaths in World War 2. Half the death toll is was of the Soviets who lost about 20-25 million people. The Jews had a death told 6 million together with other people like homosexuals, gypsies and members of resistents groups in concentration camps suffered the most in WW2.

Second Answer by editor: The total death toll has been recounted using computers. So far the death toll of World War 2 world wide is 71-72 million worldwide. It has been hard to get an exact death toll because some people were vaporized in bombs, fires and the atomic blast. There were so many people who never had their deaths recorded too. The Soviets lost 20 million people when the Nazis invaded their nation. The Jewish death toll is 6 million and the death toll of the "undesirables" that the Nazis killed is 5 million. It is not included in the Jewish death toll. Anyway many web sites show a figure between 65 to 70 million and you should use those figures for now until the recounts are done. It may never be accurate.


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Death Toll of Americans in WWIIThe death toll of Americans was an estimated 406,000 soldiers dead during WWII.

The death toll of World War II was astronomical compared to the death toll from the Civil War. In the Civil war, substantially less than one million people died total, while in World War II somewhere from fifty to seventy million people were killed.

The death toll was around 100,000 to 150,000 men died.

The deth toll of world war 1 was about 18million and 7 dead military and missing.

The death toll was so high in World War 1 because of all the new weapons that they have developed

The total death toll for the United Kingdom in WW2 was 450,400

The death toll for world war 1 was over 16 million total from all sides. There were over 21 million wounded from the war.

The death toll was about 660,000. The largest death toll of Americans in any war

People die in all wars. The World War II death toll was around 60 million.

According to the United States Department of Defense the death toll was 116,516.

the USSR had a death toll of 21,300,000 during World War II. A little over half of the deaths were military.

The Death Toll Was Around 20,000 Each Day And At The End Of World War 1 Around 6,000,000,000 Death's

World War II with just over 50 million

A little over 58,000 servicemembers died during the Vietnam War. More military died during the American Civil War than the total American deaths for WWI, WWII and the Vietnam War...COMBINED!

You can prevent the death of humans from the deadly gases by wearing masks and deserting your area of bombage!

During World War 1, there was approximately 8,528,831 people killed all together from all countries. There were approximately 21,189,154 wounded.

65 Million died including MIA

the total death toll in a war is soldiers and civilians combined

It is impossible to accuratly determine the death toll in World War 2, so these figures will possibly never be fully identified. Military Deaths: 20 million to 27 million Civilian Deaths: 40 million to 50 million Total Death Toll: 64 million - 80 million Military Death Amounts American Death Toll: 580,000 USSR Death Toll: 7 million to 10 million German Death Toll: 6 million to 10 million Japan Death Toll: 500,000 to 1 million Italian Death Toll: 145,000 Chinese Death Toll: 3 million to 5 million All Other Allies: 4 million to 6 million

US Civil war death toll- 70,000 approx according to experts.

2,100 american death for the first year in ww1,

The death toll was more than 22 million. In addition, 20 million were wounded and 10 more million became refugees.

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