What was the death toll during World War 2?

It is estimated the death toll was 63-60 deaths in World War 2. Half the death toll is was of the Soviets who lost about 20-25 million people. The Jews had a death told 6 million together with other people like homosexuals, gypsies and members of resistents groups in concentration camps suffered the most in WW2.

Second Answer by editor: The total death toll has been recounted using computers. So far the death toll of World War 2 world wide is 71-72 million worldwide. It has been hard to get an exact death toll because some people were vaporized in bombs, fires and the atomic blast. There were so many people who never had their deaths recorded too. The Soviets lost 20 million people when the Nazis invaded their nation. The Jewish death toll is 6 million and the death toll of the "undesirables" that the Nazis killed is 5 million. It is not included in the Jewish death toll. Anyway many web sites show a figure between 65 to 70 million and you should use those figures for now until the recounts are done. It may never be accurate.