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What was the dutch relations with native Americans?


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September 13, 2011 4:08PM

The Dutch colonists were on a quest for control of the European waters and searching for trade partners.They clinched with Britsh,French,Spanish and Portugese fleets.

In the America's they made contact with different indigenous groups from north to south America.And started of trading hides,coffee,beans,patatoes,wood and gold.

At the same time in early 16oo the European expansion following the 1492"discovery"of the new world posed a serious threat to the native American cultures along the Atlantic coastline.

Europeans regarded any non-whites as savages and devil worshippers,which in turn gave them according to the bible the right to save them for God.

Taken in account that European languages have hardly any common ground with native American languages it is more than likely that communication in the early days of the Dutch stockades was minimized to gestures, exchanging gifts and hostilities.

This of course was no solid base for proper trade negotiations and understanding.

It therefor can be assumed that many of the interactions between early colonists and native peoples consisted upon vague deals,which could easily be misunderstood.

Not understanding the European frame of mind and way of life most native peoples soon turned hostile towards the newcombers when they kept expanding their colonies and did not abide by the local indigenous laws or show any respect in that matter.

The invasion of europeans upon the American soil forced indigenous communities to reconsider their position,which led to a continuing landrightsstruggle that still excists to this very day.

All non-indigenous states that were founded on American soil by colonists were not created for the benfit of the indigenous peoples,on the contrairy.

They were created to take over their land.