Cyclone Tracy

What was the effect of Cyclone Tracy?

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2010-10-10 00:16:59

The effects of Cyclone Tracy were profound. Many people lost all

they had and left Darwin permanently. 65 people lost their lives.

See the Web Link 'Cyclone Tracy Aftermath Index' to the

left. Further information: It is said that the government

wanted to downplay the actual death toll, as an election was

looming. Sources indicate that only those who died and could

actually be identified were included in the death toll. Perhaps

hundreds more were killed, especially among the indigenous

communities of the area. Locals reported that entire Aboriginal

settlements were wiped out, but these deaths were not recorded.

9,000 homes were destroyed, out of a city of 43,500 people living

in 12,000 residences. Many buildings were not built to withstand

cyclonic forces, despite being in the cyclone belt.

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