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The flood in Tewkesbury in 2007 had significant effects on the town. Homes and businesses were extensively damaged, residents had to be evacuated, and there was a disruption of essential services such as water and power supply. The flood also had a negative impact on the local economy, with businesses suffering losses and ongoing recovery efforts.

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A lot of homes were destroyed.

The Tewkesbury council had to spend a majority of money repairing damaged businesses and homes.

Diseases spread because of the contaminated water.

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Q: What was the effects in the flood in tewkesbury 2007?
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What date did the Tewkesbury flood happen?

the Tewkesbury flood started on the 19th20th of July 2007

Can you name the effects of the tewkesbury flood?

IT would be good if someone answer!

What effects did tewkesbury flood have?

not much but cept people in their houses

When did tewkesbury flood?

on the 23rd of July 2007 the flood was at its worst :( it started on the 20th with heavy rainfall

What rivers flooded in the 2007 Tewkesbury flood?

the river 7 lol

What were the effects of the tewkesbury flood?

Lots of peoples homes were destroyed and The Tewkesbury council had to spend lots of money repairing damaged buisnesses and homes.

What day was the last tewksbury flood?

There are floods in Tewkesbury every winter, though seldom as bad as the flood of Summer 2007, in July.

How long did the tewkesbury flood last for?


How long did the tewkesbury floods last?

The flood took weeks to clear up but the secondary effects such as damage took months to restore.

What caused the flood in tewkesbury?

God. I presume you mean Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK. The Rivers Severn and Avon meet at Tewkesbury, and the whole area is subject to floods every Winter, in which a few houses in Tewkesbury and elsewhere get flooded. The flood of July 2007 was in Summer, but followed a huge burst of rain in the upper Severn, which you could call an Act of God, others might say that it is just one manifestation of increasingly stormy weather patterns due to global warming. That flood of 2007 was execptionally high, thankfully the district seldom floods so high.

How many people died in the flood tewkesbury?


How many boats were deployed in the 2007 tewkesbury flood?

There does not seem to be an exact number. There were several different groups that sent boats out. The closest guess (and just a guess) is 1,400.