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As usual scientific procedure evades everyone here. the pitch should be (should have been all along) measured from the time it leaves a pitchers hand to the time it crosses the plate. THAT WAY it can be measured from all distances from the plate (if you will) so measurements from a specific distance won't cloud the argument. AND the actual speed and decay of speed can be measured correctly. nobody has done this and if anyone has pitched 108 (Nolan Ryan) then it has to be in certain conditions condusive to less resistance of the ball. Oh gee, another factor, the Baseball.... Are they using the same baseballs with the same materials, etc. as they did in the early Bob Feller years??? I doubt it. Well, the real answer will never be known will it... unless the measurements are taken as I have stated from now on will they? I'm sure technology can take old film and use the frame rates and calculate approximate speeds along with measurements taken in earlier days, but, i think those pitch speeds of the past will be lost forever.... to speculation and that good ole magic that surrounds baseball.... baseball lore eh?

2011-09-13 16:10:01
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What is the fastest fastpitch pitch ever thrown by a girl?

the fastest pitch ever recorded was 93.2 in the 1996 olimpics!!!

Fastest pitcher in the world?

Androlis Chapman- Cincinnati Reds. Hit 106 mph- fastest pitch ever recorded.

What is the fastest basball pitch ever?


Fastest pitcher ever in little league world series?

I am not quite sure who the fastest pitcher in general would be, but a few pitchers such as Trey Quinn, Kennon Fontenot, and Kyle Carter are known for pitching in the low 80's. The fastest little league pitch I have ever seen was 84mph by Kyle Carter from Columbus, GA.

What is the fastest pitch ever thrown at Fenway Park?

The fastest pitch thrown at Fenway Park was 108 mph.

What is the fastest underhand pitch?

The fastest ever recored softball pitch is 95. By a 18 year old in Texas!!

What is the fastest pitch ever thrown by a woman?

I play softball so i should know ! The fastest pitch ever thrown by a woman was 80 something mph.

What was the fastest underhand pitch ever thrown?

95 mph

How fast was the fastest pitch Bob Feller ever threw?


What is the fastest pitch Jamie Moyer has ever thrown?


What was the fastest picth ever thrown in MLB?

Aroldis Chapman for the Cincinatti Reds threw a 106mph that is believed by many to be the fastest pitch ever.

What is the fastest fast-pitch ever?

the fastest pitcher was asher roth in college and it was 115 mph

Fastest pitch ever recorded?

104 by randy Johnson in 1996

What is the fastest pitch ever thrown by Randy Johnson?

102 mph

What is the fastest pitch ever recorded in womens softball?

77.6 mph.

Fastest pitch by a 12 year old?

The fastest pitch ever thrown by a 12 year old that was recorded was Zach Ours, who threw 78 MPH.

What is the fastest speed of a baseball pitch?

the fastest pitch ever officially recorded was Nolen Ryan in 1974 at 100.9 MPH The fastest pitch ever recorded was by Cincinnati Reds left handed reliever Aroldis Chapman. It occurred on September 24, 2010 in San Diego and registered 105.1 MPH.

Watch is the fasted softball pitch ever?

The fastest softball pitch ever recored was from a 18 year old girl from Texas at the speed of 95!!

Did Nolan Ryan ever pitch in a World Series game?

Yes. With the New York Mets, Ryan pitched in 1 game in the 1969 World Series (Game 3) and recorded a save. That was his only World Series appearance.

How fast was the fastest pitch ever thrown by John Smoltz?

97 mph

How fast was the fastest pitch ever thrown?

107 miles per hour.

What was the fastest pitch Goose Gossage was ever recorded throwing?

104 mph

Fastest softball pitch ever thrown?

It was 130 miles per hour by a fast pitch softball player.

Which dog is the fastest in world?

A Greyhound is the fastest dog ever. It is also the 4th fastest land creature.

What is the fastest that a baseball was thrown by a twelve year old boy?

The fastest pitch ever thrown clocked officially was 78 MPH.