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World Series I don't know but I'm pretty sure Joel Zumaya of the Detroit Tigers has hit 104 MPH

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Fastest pitcher in the world?

Androlis Chapman- Cincinnati Reds. Hit 106 mph- fastest pitch ever recorded.

What is the fastest pitch thrown in the little league World Series?

100 mph by me babey.

What is the fastest fastpitch pitch ever thrown by a girl?

the fastest pitch ever recorded was 93.2 in the 1996 olimpics!!!

What is the fastest softball thrown?

There is no official fastest softball pitch recorded. The NPF (National Pro Fastpitch league) claims that pitches of 70+ MPH are common. The fastest pitch recorded at the 1996 Olympic Games was 73.2 MPH.

Fastest pitch ever recorded?

104 by randy Johnson in 1996

What is the fastest pitch in softball history?

115 mph was recorded in 2009

What is the fastest pitch ever recorded in womens softball?

77.6 mph.

What is the fastest speed of a baseball pitch?

the fastest pitch ever officially recorded was Nolen Ryan in 1974 at 100.9 MPH The fastest pitch ever recorded was by Cincinnati Reds left handed reliever Aroldis Chapman. It occurred on September 24, 2010 in San Diego and registered 105.1 MPH.

Fastest pitch by a 12 year old?

The fastest pitch ever thrown by a 12 year old that was recorded was Zach Ours, who threw 78 MPH.

What is satchel Paige's fastest pitch?

It was never recorded but I think it was near 107mph

What was the fastest pitch Goose Gossage was ever recorded throwing?

104 mph

Did Nolan Ryan ever pitch in a World Series game?

Yes. With the New York Mets, Ryan pitched in 1 game in the 1969 World Series (Game 3) and recorded a save. That was his only World Series appearance.

Who threw the fastest pitch in the world?

Pedro martinez

What was the Fastest pitch thrown by a 13 year old?

82 mph from some kid in the little league world series

What is the speed of the fastest pitch ever recorded by Lynn nolan Ryan with the California angels in 1974?


What is the fastest recorded speed of a fastball pitch?

105mph by Joel Zumaya relief pitcher of the Detroit Tigers

Which pitcher threw the fastest pitch and how fast did he throw?

Minor Leaguer Steve Dalkowski threw a 108 MPH pitch, the record. The fastest pitch recorded in a major league game under modern valid conditions was 105 MPH by Aroldis Chapman.

Did mike Hampton pitch in a World Series for the Atlanta Braves?

No. Hampton pitched for the Braves between 2003-2006. He did pitch in the 2003 and 2004 NLDS but never a World Series for the Braves. He did pitch in the 2000 World Series for the New York Mets.

Who threw the first pitch at the 2001 World Series?

The most noted first pitch in the 2001 World Series was in game three when President George Bush threw out the first pitch.

What is the fastest pitch ever recorded in major league baseball history?

105mph last year by Red's reliever Aroldis Chapman.

Who threw the opening pitch or ceremonial pitch for the 1990 World Series?

Amy Burwinkel

Who has the fastest pitch in Major League Baseball history?

The fastest pitch ever to be recorded was thrown before radarguns were invented but was measured in recent years and was said to have been thrown at 116 mph by Satchel Paige. (this pitch of course was thrown after the Negro leagues were terminated and he entered the MLB for the Baltimore Orioles)

Who thrrew ou the pitch at the 2001 world series?


How fast does the little league world series pitch?


Fastest pitcher ever in little league world series?

I am not quite sure who the fastest pitcher in general would be, but a few pitchers such as Trey Quinn, Kennon Fontenot, and Kyle Carter are known for pitching in the low 80's. The fastest little league pitch I have ever seen was 84mph by Kyle Carter from Columbus, GA.

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