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The latest season finale is season 9, episode 24 "Till Death Do Us Part". That is the final episode of season 9. That wasn't the last ever episode of NCIS, they have renewed NCIS and there will be a season 10.

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In NCIS is Abby ever involved in an explosion?

No, but Ziva is in the episode Last Man Standing

Where can you find every episode of NCIS?

blinkx.com type in ncis it also has ncis los angeles

What is your favorite NCIS episode?

my person favorite NCIS episode is "SWAK" my least fovorite would have to be "the week link"

What was the first ncis episode with a Gibbs head slap?

In the first episode of the spinoff from JAG to NCIS "Ice Queen"

What episode did director Vance get hurt in NCIS?

Episode No: 8 (NCIS Season 8) Episode Name: Enemies Foreign Cause: Bomb Blast

What episode of NCIS is before spider and the fly?

Spider and the Fly is the first episode of NCIS season 8. The last episode before that was the last episode of season 7 - Rule fiftyone

When was NCIS made?

The first Episode of NCIS premiered on September 23, 2003.

In what episode did mark harmon's son have a role in on NCIS?

Sean harmon, mark harmon's son appeared on the episode of ncis, Heartland

What episode of NCIS is it where Kate has a chance to stab Ari?

The episode mentioned above is Bete Noir, which was aired in Season One of NCIS.

Was there an episode of NCIS on December first?

No NCIS episode aired on December 1st. Road Kill, Season 6 Episode 10, aired on December 2nd 2008.

Have Tony and Ziva ever kissed in NCIS?

Yes, in episode 8 of season 3 NCIS, which was called "Under Covers" It wasn't a 'real' kiss however, because they were undercover as a married couple

What episode does abby first appear in on ncis?

Abby has been in every NCIS episode since the very first one - Yankee White.

When was the first NCIS episode?

the first episode of NCIS season 1 was 23 September 2003, but NCIS is a spin off of JAG and was made out of two JAG episodes, Ice Queen and Meltdown.

Was the bad guy on NCIS Sandblast ever caught?

He is caught in the episode "Sharif Returns" which was the 13th episode in NCIS season 4. It was aired on January 23rd 2007 in USA. In this episode Sharif (the bad guy from Sandblast) tries to poison people through a bio weapon and finally he gets killed in that episode by Army CID officer Commander Coleman.

Do they ever go in to detail about tonys family on ncis?

They are going to go into the details of Tony's family in season 7, apparently Robert Wagner is going to play Tony's dad on the 150th episode of NCIS.

What episode of NCIS is Ducky's mum in?

The episode is "Meat Puzzle" season 2, episode 13.

What episode does dinozzo get the sick on ncis?

During the episode 'SWAK' which was season 2, episode 22

Where can you watch episode 36?

Try casttv.com. You can watch every episode of ncis.

Was Abigail Breslin on episode of NCIS?

Yes. She was on the first episode of season 2.

Who gets killed on ncis?

A funny Marine gets killed in the ncis episode Code of Conduct.

What episode of NCIS has the sexual harassment seminar?

Driven, Season 4, Episode #11. This episode is hilarious!

When did Gibbs join ncis?

He was in the first episode of season 1, but they do not say how long he's been with NCIS.

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