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What was the first full-length color movie of India?

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Kisan Kanya

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Which is first color movie in India?

"Kisan Kanya" is first Color Film in India (in 1937)

When First full- length color movie make in India?

Kisan Kanya

First animated and cartoon movie of India?

India s first animation movie

Who directed the first color movie?

Spongebob Squarepants directed the first color movie.

Was Becky Sharp the first movie in color?

It was the first feature length three-color Technicolor film. But "Cupid Angling" (1918) was the first color feature length movie

Who invented the first color movie?

Charles Urban and Albert Smith invented 1908 the first color movie. The movie is called "A Visit To The Seaside"!

First movie in India?

Aalam Aaraa.

When was first movie made in India?


Which was the first movie in India?

raja harishchandra

What is the first 3D movie in India?


India first full length -movie?

Raja Harishchandra

What is the first full length takee movie of India country?

What is tha india full lenght taee movie

What is the first 3danimation movie in India?

Chhotaa Chetan.

Which was first talking movie of India?

Alam Ara

Which is the first animated movie in India?

i think it is Hanuman

What was the first color movie?

the lion kind

What was Hitchcocks first movie in color?


When did they make the first color movie?


Which is the first Malayalam color movie?


What was the 1st movie in color?

SANGUM is the name of first movies which was recorded in color.

When did colour movie start in India?

In 1937, first colored feature film Kisan Kanya was made. Only after 1950, color films flourished in indian cinema

What is the first Oriya color movie?

The first Oriya Colour Movie is "GAPA HELE BI SATA".

What is the first color movie to win an Oscar?

1939's Gone with the Wind was the first color film to win the Oscar for Best Picture, but the 1937 short, Give Me Liberty, was the first color movie to receive an Oscar at all.

What was Disney Pixars first color movie?

All of their movies are in color, but the first one was Toy Story in 1995.

What was the first Mickey Mouse movie shown in color?

Mickey first appeared in color in The Band Concert in 1935.