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What was the first spacecraft to leave your solar system?


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The interplanetary probe Pioneer 10 left Earth on March 2, 1972, it was indeed off on a pioneering mission. In fact, the spacecraft led the way to all exploration of deep space.

Pioneer 10 was the first probe to travel through the Asteroid Belt and the first craft to explore Jupiter. On June 13, 1983, it became the first space probe ever to travel further than the Sun's most distant planet.

The Asteroid Belt is a Sun-orbiting span of rocky debris floating in space between Mars and Jupiter. The most distant of the nine known major planets, at the far edge of the Solar System, are Neptune and Pluto.

Since passing the outer planets, despite dwindling power onboard, Pioneer 10 has been sending back information by radio as it heads into interstellar space.

The Pioneer 10 and 11 missions ended in March 1997, their transmissions where sent to NASA as contact was restablished in 1998 and then continued to be apart of the study of advanced concepts of communications within their DSN (Deep Space Network) department. This continued until the last weak transmission in January 2002.

Even though this spacecraft is the first to venture out of our solar system being at 7.6bn miles or 82 AU ((Astronomical Unit) 82 x the distance between the Earth and the Sun which is about 93 million miles).

Pioneer 10 is heading towards a red star named Aldeberan within the constellation of Taurus, this star is 68 lightyears away and will take 2 million years to complete it journey.


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pioneer 10 was the first spacecraft to leave our solar system

Currently, no spacecraft have yet left the solar system. The boundaries of the solar system are undefined, but most astronomers believe it is at the point where the Suns gravitational influence has no effect. This is about 2 light years from the Sun. Voyager 2 - the furthest a man made spacecraft has ventured is only 0.001443 light years from the Sun in 2010.

The name of the first spacecraft to fly beyond the orbit of Pluto is Voyager I. It is the only known man made craft to leave the solar system.

Nothing man-made has left our solar system yet. The furthest thing is Voyager 1, which is now about 116AU away from Earth, around 10.8 billion miles - at the edge of our solar system.

There has never been a man made object to leave the Solar System. There are however, two objects which may escape the influence of Sol and enter the interstellar medium. These objects are the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft. It is currently unknown which will leave the system first, as although Voyager 1 was launched first, peculiarities of the nature of the Solar System may mean that Voyager 2 breaks the heliosphere first.

Pioneer 10 was the first spacecraft to venture to the edge of the solar system. Hope I could help! :) :)

NASA continues to track the two Voyager spacecraft on the way to the boundary of our Solar System. These are BOTH spacecrafts.

Depends "very" much on the definition of the boundary of the solar system, but it's possible Voyager I may well have.

Yes. It is never going to leave the solar system.

Pluto didn't leave. It is still part of the solar system, just a bit past Neptune's orbit.

Galileo was an unmanned spacecraft sent to study Jupiter and other solar system bodies. It was first launched in 1989 and because of contamination concerns, it was ordered to crash into the surface of Jupiter in 2003.

No. Pioneer 1 reentered Earth's atmosphere. Voyager 1 was the first man-made object to exit the solar system.

The spacecraft have solar panels to use the Sun's energy. Spacecraft may also get energy from small nuclear powered generators. These are used when the spacecraft has to go far from the Sun.

Yes. Much of what we know about Uranus was learned during a pass by the Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1986 on its way to Neptune and after that, to leave the solar system completely.

The first planet in the solar system is Mercury

to send the spacecraft to the moon and the solar system beyond

by using a pumped up remote control and a camera

Both Voyager 1 and 2 have travelled through the solar system, I believe Voyager 1 is the only one which has left the solar system (or is in the process of).

It might take 30 years or more to get out of your solar system, but it is entirely possible.

Technicly no. Comets usually come and leave the solar system, but stay in the galaxy.

Because they were the first vehicles to leave the solar system.

Mercury is the first planet of our solar system as it is the nearest to the sun.

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