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What was the first television show Emeril Lagasse created?


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The first American television was created in the year 1927. The location that the first American television was created in was the city known as San Francisco, California.

First National - TV series - was created in 1994.

As the first television was demonstrated in 1925, there were no television shows created in the 1700s.

First Edition - TV series - was created on 1999-04-12.

First Wave - TV series - was created on 1998-09-09.

The First Lady - TV series - was created on 1968-04-07.

First Kiss - TV series - was created on 2007-07-09.

John Logie Baird invented the television in 1925.

The first year that the first LCD TV was created was in the year of 1983, when it was first made, it wasn't as fancy as today's models. They were quite small and not very popular.

I believe it was here in the US.

Pluto the dog was created in 1930, and was first on TV in 1955, when the Mickey Mouse Club premiered.

Philo Farnsworth created the first working TV in 1927. He first demonstrated this creation to the press in public in September of 1928.

Jay Ward and Alexander Anderson created Crusader Rabbit .

This man created the first telescope, toleit, and TV!

The first television set was introduced in the year 1927. Philo Taylor Farnsworth created the first T.V. and first displayed it in San Francisco.

The television was invented by a number of people, who created various elements of it, but the first working demonstration of the television as we think of it now was given by John Logie Baird on the 26th January 1926

The first animated TV cartoon series "Crusader Rabbit"was created by"Television Arts Productions" with Alexander Anderson and Jay Ward .

The first few TV that offer a TV/VCR combo were created by Sony and Sharp. It was the early 1970s where they decided to experiment the product, but later was a failure due to many other technologies.

BET stands for Black Internet Television, a TV station created specially for African Americans.

Pinky and Perky is an animated children's television series first broadcast by BBC TV in 1957, and revived in 2008 as a CGI animation. The television series Pinky and Perky was created by Jan Dalibor and Vlasta Dalibor.

Hannah Montana, Spongebob and Soap operas!

Philo Farnsworth created what would be considered the first modern television set in 1927 which he then showed to the press for the first time on September 1, 1928. Television sets were sold very shortly after this, and the first real use of them came in Germany in 1929 with the first regular broadcasts.

In late 1965 an ad was run in Los Angeles looking for young men to possibly be in a television series. The Monkees were created from the men who auditioned from this ad. The first television episode and the first records of the Monkees were issued in September 1966.

may 19, 1711 mtv music television was first launched in 1981

It was created by Gene Roddenbury in 1965. First aired on TV in 1966.

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