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Q: What was the first university founded that quickly established itself as a center for the study of law?
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When was the Alcohol Research Center at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine established?

The Alcohol Research Center of the University of Connecticut School of Medicine was founded in 1978. It is one of under twenty in the whole of the country.

History of the university - benguet state university?

When they established benguet state university marketing center? what are the porpuse.

Who founded Halifax?

Halifax was founded in 1749 by the British government led by Edward Cornwallis. It was established as a military and administrative center for the British colony of Nova Scotia.

What does cty stand for?

It stands for "center for talented youth" which is a summer program founded by John Hopkins University.

Who established Fidelis Health Care?

Fidelis Care was founded in 1993 by the Catholic Medical Center of Brooklyn and Queens, Inc. and the Diocese of Brooklyn.

What Dublin business complex was established 25 years ago?

DBIC, Dublin Business Innovation Center, was founded in 1988. IBEC, Irish Business and Employers Confederation, was established 19 years ago in 1993.

In what year was Spellman College in Atlanta founded?

The Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia was founded in the year 1881. This school is known as a four year liberal arts college for women and it is part of the Atlanta University Center.

Which is the reputable Massage Therapy Centre in Singapore?

Ayurlife has quickly established itself as a reputable Massage Therapy Centre in Singapore is the best therapy center in singapore...

When was University Center Rochester created?

University Center Rochester was created in 1915.

When was University Development Center created?

University Development Center was created in 2005.

When is supreme student government in the Philippines founded?

The Center for Students and Co-Curricular Affairs (CSCA) was established in 1996 in order to further facilitate co-curricular work of student councils in the country.

Which is the best training center established by famous company?

I've read that McDonald's is a leader in this field. It's been existence since 1961. Named Hamburger University.