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Q: What was the former mascot for stony brook university?
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When was Stony Brook University created?

Stony Brook University was created in 1957.

Stony Brook University State University of New York?

Yes Stony Brook is a SUNY

When was the Stony Brooke University founded?

The Stony Brooke University or The State University of New York at Stony Brook was founded in 1957 in Oyster Boy. It was moved in 1962 to Stony Brook.

What is the algorithm for stony brook algorithm?

The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository is a collection of implementations for fundamental algorithms in computer science, hosted by Stony Brook University. There is no "Stony Brook Algorithm."

Where is stony brook university?

Stony Brook,Long Island,New York,USA

Is stony brook university aacsb accredited?


Is stony brook university better than nyu poly?

For the sciences stony brook university is better. For engineering and computers NYU POLY is better.

Did Jackson Pollock go to stony brook university?

No. State University of New York at Stony Brook was established in 1957 at Oyster Bay and relocated to Stony Brook in 1962. Jackson Pollock died in 1956. After Lee Krasner Pollock's death, the Pollock-Krasner house was deeded to the Stony Brook Foundation, a private non-profit affiliate of the university, for use as a museum and art study center.

Is stoney brook a gang?

No, stony brook is not a gang it is a university. It also could be something else that i do not know of.

When was francium tested at Stony Brook university?

The study of francium begin in 2006.

What long island college have great japanese departments?

Stony Brook University

When was Stony Brook Independent created?

Stony Brook Independent was created in 2005.