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the french were both interested in establishing a settlement in the new world, and also the furs that they would bring back to France and sell.


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the most important distinction is that the French had little interest in settling down in the New World; they mainly wanted access to its resources, such as furs, minerals, timber, and fish.

The French came to the new world to find new goods and take them back to France to spread the goods from the new world.-Zack Seligson-

The object of the French profit in the New World was fur. The French hoped to profit on the trade of fur in Europe while the fur was gathered from the colonies in the New World.

to find and own new land in the new world

it was not a new world because the Indians were in the ''new world'' and the french and British thought they fond the '' new world '' first.

France's primary interest in the New-World was fish of the coast of Nova-Scotia, beaver fur inside the country and tropical stuff in the Caribbeans.

Part of Canada was a French colony from 1573-1763 until being taken over by the British from 1763-1867. The French colonised on the North American continent in expressed interest on the New World where it is part of Canada and the United States today.

The French explored lands in the New World including the area between New Foundland and Florida. They also had a fort near Jacksonville in Florida.

French colonization of the New World started with the French explorer Robert de La Salle. He explored the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada, the Mississippi River, and the Gulf of Mexico. La Salle claimed the entire Mississippi River basin for France. French pioneers sailed to the New World and founded many cities like New Orleans and St. Louis. Furs were in demand at that time and French trappers were common in the New World.

Prince Henry's interest in navigation, which led to the exploration of the New World, created new opportunities for trade and helped to cause the eventual end of ______.

gold,power, to convert natives,and to make new land for Spain

The first French explorers in the New World concentrated their efforts on Canada. They also traveled the rivers in Canada and the United States exploring along the way.

Which explorer discovered the mouth of the St. Lawrence River in the New World?

The first permanent French settlement was in France.

source of raw materials for french manufacturers

Source of raw materials for french manufacturers

They found new land that have valuable prices.

I think it was the spain; or spanish:))

The French never took the British approach with regard to the New World.

The voyages of discovery to the New World can be traced back to the lively interest in geographical matters awakened by the expeditions of the crusaders.

The French came to the New World for: fishing, fur, and find the North West passage.

France sent expeditions to the New World to build colonies and send New World products back to France. French colonies also were part of France's military policies.

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