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Q: What was the goal of the counter reformation in the new world?
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What was a goal of the counter reformation in the new world?

The Catholic Counter-Reformation was in response to the Protestant Reformation. Its goal was to reform the Catholic Church from within.

What was the counter reformation in the new world?

The Jesuits

What were the goals of the counter reformation?

The goals of the Counter Reformation were to change or convert the new land's religion into catholicim. And guess what?? I'm only 10! XD ^^

What new religious order founded by Ignatius of Loyola stemmed out of the Counter Reformation?

The Jesuits.

How did the Reformation affect the world?

How did the Reformation in Great Britain affect the colonization of the New World? Explain.

What did missionaries introduce to the native Americans during the Counter Reformation?

they introduced a new catholic religion

Where can one find information regarding counter reformation?

Wikipedia would probably be the easiest website to locate in order to find out information about counter reformation; however, that does not mean it would be the most accurate source. There are hundreds of articles out there about counter reformation, you just have to know where to look. Websites like Britannica and New Advent (it is a Catholic encyclopedia website) would be much more accurate and provide more information on the topic of counter reformation (also known as Catholic Reformation).

What were England's goals for exploring the new world?

what was the goal of england in the new world

What are the three legacies of the reformation of the catholic church in the Renascence time period?

I guess you mean the Catholic counter-reformation. Its main legacies are new monastic orders, especially the Jesuits and the Capuchines, Baroque art, and the Gregorian calendar.

What was Spains main goal in the New World?

to obtain wealth

What sixteenth century upheaval had a profound impact upon englands settlement of the new world?

The Protestant Reformation

What is cartiers goal?

To find the New World. ================= No. The "New World" had already been "discovered." Jacques Cartier's main goal was to find a passage through North America to the Pacific Ocean.

What is Amerigo Vespucci's goal for being an explorer?

to find the "new world"

What is the ultimate goal in the new world of career management?

Psychological Success.

What effect did the reformation have on the settlement of the new world?

The Reformation had a profound effect on settlement of the New World in the 16th and 17th centuries, especially by accelerating and otherwise encouraging it. The primary reason for this effect is that many religious persons in the Old World sought to escape from religious persecution through escape to a new land offering greater independence and freedom.

What was the original goal of French exploration in the new world?

Which explorer discovered the mouth of the St. Lawrence River in the New World?

What are five of the social changes that took place between 1450 and 1770?

The renaissance The protestant reformation The discovery of the New World The enlightenment The french revolution

How did Erasmus pave the way for the Reformation?

He wrote new Latin and Gtreek editions of the New Testament, which raised questions which led to the Reformation.

Was the Counter-Reformation a success?

The Counter-Reformation, i.e. in response purely to the Protestant Reformation, was not a great success, as few lands were won back to the Catholic Church during the period 1555-1648, even during the Thirty-Years war when there were good opportunities. The Catholic Reformation, or Catholic Revival, on the other hand was. By the end of the period there was a stronger papacy, and a reduction in the secularisation of the clergy. Nepotism had all but been abolished, pluralism was, and the Jesuits and some of the older orders had won new converts in the New Worlds. The clergy were being better educated in how to lead the laity, and the laity in what their faith was about, as a result of seminaries and a catechism programme respectively.

What is the longest candy counter in the world and were is it located?

Chutters and located in Littleton New Hampshire

What was the major result of the reformation?

New Religions.

What was one major difference between the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Reformation?

The Protestant Reformation led to the creation of new faiths, while the Catholic Reformation involved changes to an existing faith.

What was the goal of Spanish friars and missionaries in the New World?

to convert natives to Christianity

Did Juan Ponce de Leon achieve his goal?

no but he discoverd a new world

What is Spain's main goal in the new world?

stream moon walking DDG