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The government outlawed the Communist Party. Their candidates could not appear on ballots. Sen. McCarthy conducted hearings questioning possible Communists and prepared blacklists of people who had been Communist sympathizers. A law was passed requiring government employees to swear that they were not Communists and did not belong any subversive organization. Bomb shelters were made and maintained. Training was offering for dealing with nuclear attacks. Civil Defense groups were organized and equipped with radiation detectors . A radar line was set up around Russia. Bombers carrying nuclear bombs were kept in the air at all times. Missile installations were built and kept manned all over the world. Air Force carriers and nuclear submarines were built, staffed and kept in operation. Research in military weapons was funded heavily.

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That Communism was the equivilant of the Devil

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Q: What was the government response to the Red Scare?
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The red scare was a response to?

The Red Scare was a response to Communism

What events of 1919 caused the Red Scare How Did the government respond?

Your mom caused the red scare!

Was the crucible written during the red scare?

The Crucible was not written during the Red Scare, but later on in response to the brutality of the Red Scare.

What did McCarthy do for the red scare?

Mc Carthy started the red scare. he accused a government offical of hiring communist.

The Red Scare involved the spread of this type of government?

The Red Scare involved the spread of Anti-Communism In the United States.

How did the US government react to the red scare?

They Sucked Wang

What were the targets of the red scare?

The Red Scare was a campaign against communists, mainly focusing on the fear of communism infiltrating the United States government.

The red scare was a response to A.prohibition B.the teapot scandal C.the Russian revolution D.the kellog -briand act?

it was a response to the Russian revolution.

Who are some of the red scare groups?

who was involve in the red scare who was involve in the red scare

What started the red scare?

that communists would take over the us government. (apex)

What fear started red scare?

Communism would take over the u.s government.

Socialism and communisim lead to the red scare?

The Red Scare was a period of anti-communist hysteria in the United States during the early 20th century, fueled by fears of communist infiltration and subversion. While socialism and communism were associated with the Red Scare, it was primarily a response to perceived threats from the Soviet Union and the spread of communism internationally. The Red Scare led to widespread fear, investigations, and restrictions on civil liberties in the US.