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(Needs) national economic empowerment and development strategy

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Q: What was the governments idea to help the crops?
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Can you get a government grant or loan to help you save your car?

LOL, I love that idea, but governments are too greedy to offer it.

What is the main idea of the quote above as it relates to limited and unlimited governments?

Unlimited governments will inherently be corrupt governments.

How do crops help agriculture?

Without crops, there is no agriculture.

How do physicists help governments?

They provide governments with reliable information (Apex)

What crops does new delhi have?

i have absolutly no idea SORRY!

Why should we protect crops?

we should protect crops because with the help of crops we get food and etc

How did the factors of production help European governments to establish industry?

How did the factors of production help european governments to establish industry?

Why is it a bad idea to irrigate crops with sea water?

The salt which is present in sea water will kill most crops.

Should your gov help the homeless?

Individuals should help one another. Governments should protect us from other governments. Governments do not do thongs like welfare well or cheaply. The best way to help one another is to help one another individually.

What is the idea that local governments are the creation of state legislatures?

Dillon's Rule

Where did the founders get their idea about good government?

good governments get their power from their people!

What do ladybirds do to crops?

Nothing, they help farmers by eating the aphids that eat their crops.